Jul 18, 2018

AMA Creator of DARK MATTER: RISE OF THE LEXICONS #1 talks why this is a Kickstarter you need to back!

TonyKittrell: In my opinion, I see a lot of Frank Frazetta in our artist Sam Santos work.

New comic book writer and storyteller AMA!

theconjuringpen: Honestly that's still something I am trying to get stronger in.  I see my stories as almost live action clips in my head as I am writing them.  So I can write down easily what's happening and what the characters are saying.  But then translating that…
Jul 18, 2018

AMA about writing comic scripts, finding artists, letterers, colourists, and publishers.

Eric Gahagan: When you are a writer publishing as an independent you are essentially the producer or the director. You are the one with the vision for the project and you essentially make the decisions on hiring the rest of the creators, promoting the book, and cr…
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