22-year-old volunteer, freelancer, book AND comic book lover. Last year I travelled to a wonderful city Ohrid on a youth seminar, where I had a chance to see the whole process of creating a comic book character and a comic itself. Afterwards, I created my own comic book with three other participants. If you want to hear about my experience and our comic, Ask me anything!

Ruzica Slijepcevic
Jun 21, 2017

I'm a huge fan of comic books, especially the ones by the European authors. I always wondered what it's like to create a comic book and what the very process includes. I got a chance to find out on my last year's trip to Ohrid, Macedonia, where we discussed how influential comics can be in our society and how they are created. After that, all the participants formed groups, each of them coming up with a significant topic and creating their hero and their villain. If you want to hear about all that, I'd be more than glad to share my experience! 

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Let's get started!

I promised I'll try to fish out at least some snippets of the comic I created with my 3 friends...unfortunately, I didn't manage to find any photos, but here's a picture of us working on our projects...I hope it's a good compensation! :)


I hope you're all enjoying my event as much as I am, thanks to all of you! #AMA

Jun 23, 11:08AM EDT0

Hello Ružica! I hope you liked Ohrid (never been there, but it is fabulous, as I've heard). Where did you publish your comic, and where can we buy it to read it? Since I am big fan of comics.

Jun 21, 2:26PM EDT0

I'm glad to hear that and I hope you'll get a chance to visit Ohrid - it's truly amazing! Unfortunately, I'll have to disappoint you - we made the comic only for the purposes of the seminar and it wasn't published at all. Speaking of it, I don't even have a copy myself...I'll try to fish out some photos from my phone ^^ 

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Jun 23, 5:52AM EDT0

Dylan DogThis is Dylan Dog, my favorite comic...this is an issue in Macedonian, which I came across during the seminar. ^^3

Jun 21, 4:23AM EDT0

Hey, guys! We're about to start in less than an hour...stay tuned! Let's talk about comics! ^^

Jun 21, 3:16AM EDT0

Are you better at drawing or coming up with the story?

Jun 19, 12:57PM EDT40

Coming up with the story, definitely ^^

Jun 20, 2:38PM EDT41
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Do you think other people would want to read your comic book?

Jun 18, 7:59AM EDT0

I'm not sure, I mean, it was created especially for the purposes of that seminar. Maybe it would be interesting to read if the idea was extended since we made a really short comic.

Jun 18, 9:49AM EDT0

How many people went with you on the youth seminar?

Jun 18, 5:53AM EDT18

Oh, it was a lot of us - 60, I guess. But not all of the participants were involved in creating comic books. A part of them had a task to make a hip-hop song. 

Jun 18, 9:50AM EDT30
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Will you go on other comic book exploration trips?

Jun 17, 2:43AM EDT0

I hope so. :) Unfortunately, I won't make it to Ohrid this year, but a big part of our last year's gang is eager to visit Ohrid again in two years' time if the event is orginized again.

Jun 17, 1:12PM EDT0

What is the most important step in creating a comic book?

Jun 16, 6:34PM EDT0

Conceiving the main idea in your head - knowing what's the main point of your comic and what message you want to get across to your audience. When you have the idea, everything comes easily after. 

Jun 17, 1:14PM EDT0

Do you read any Japanese manga or only American comics?

Jun 16, 9:45AM EDT12

Actually, I only read European comics and Japanese manga (I also watch anime) - no American comics. ^^

Jun 16, 2:33PM EDT47
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Did your comic book turn out how you had hoped?

Jun 16, 1:48AM EDT34

Well since none of us was experienced in drawing or any kind of art (I'm only good at writing or dancing), we had our ups and downs and the characters definitely didn't look exactly like we imagined them. But, we managed to get our message across to the other participants, which I think was the main idea. ^^

Jun 16, 6:04AM EDT13
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What is your favorite comic book universe/world?

Jun 15, 8:27PM EDT0

London Underground. :) Kidding, but my favorite comic book is made in Italy and features Dylan Dog as the main character. He's a nightmare investigator, and the plot is situated in 80's London. (But the new editorial team tends to make it more ''contemporary"). But, my favorite character is actually  Groucho Marx, Dylan's ''colleague". 

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Jun 16, 6:08AM EDT0

How much money have you personally spent on comic books?

Jun 15, 6:43PM EDT32

Dunno, really. ^^ I mean, I don't spend much and I don't buy them regularly since I'm usually broke. :) I prefer to invest my money in short trips if I have such opportunities. I usually buy comics on book fairs, when they are on sale. I also have my fav local store where I buy comics.

Jun 16, 6:10AM EDT37
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Who were the 3 people you worked with on your comic?

Jun 15, 6:20PM EDT25

Fellow participants, one guy is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the other two are from Macedonia.

Jun 16, 6:11AM EDT33
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What kind of volunteer work do you do?

Jun 15, 9:20AM EDT35

I write for a cultural magazine in an amazing team of young enthusiasts. We see as our mission to raise cultural awereness in our country since it's on the the very low level. I also worked in an organization that helps supply hospitals with equipment. 

Jun 16, 2:35PM EDT44
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Are your freelancing and volunteering in related industries?

Jun 15, 2:24AM EDT0

Up to a certain point, yes - I volunteer as a wirter in a cultural magazine and I give lesssons in Russian. I freelance as an article writer.

Jun 16, 2:36PM EDT0

Was the entire point of the youth seminar to learn about comic books?

Jun 15, 12:13AM EDT0

Not really. The seminar was titled ''Art for Advocacy for the Human Rights", so the main idea as to raise awareness of ho various media may affect the government in order to have certain policies changed for the benefit of the local society. We focused on the influence of the street culture and comics - the other group of the participants had the task to write a hip-hop song dedicated to human rights. 

Jun 16, 2:39PM EDT0

Did you become close friends with the other 3 participants?

Jun 14, 4:29PM EDT0

Not really. Those groups ere formed randomly and I made closer friends ith some people that eren't in that group. But, I still keep in touch ith one of the guys I worked with. He also came up as a tour guide when we ere in Ohrid since he's familiar ith the place and on top of that, he's an anthropologist. :)

Jun 16, 2:41PM EDT0

How much money do you make from freelancing?

Jun 14, 2:48PM EDT35

Not much, to be honest. I don't ork only as a freelancer - I'm still a sttudent, I also earn from my scholarship and my two part-time jobs. 

Jun 16, 2:42PM EDT32
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Do you think the comic book industry will stick around?

Jun 14, 1:21PM EDT0

Yeaaah, I hope it will since many people are so dedicated to it. But, maybe it will assume some new forms - more and more content is becoming digital and everything goes online, I don't think such bright future awaits paperback issues of comic. Too bad, if you aks me. :( I'm an old-fashioned type. 

Jun 16, 2:44PM EDT0