AMA: " A Walt Disney Styled Fairy Tale ' KING MERLIN AND THE RAPP LORDS. ' " ... something as funky as they come

Kevin Curtis Barr
Feb 17, 2018

" The Recuse Of Princess Chaka Knight " is the first kid's book of a family of 4 books based upon the make believe world of Ragstoniaville. Seen where The 3 Knights of Rebellion, are all always up to no good. As the 5 Rapp Lords each govern over their own section of town ... The Legendary Chaka Khan and the song " I FEEL FOR YOU " by Prince both served as a big inspiration for this 27 year old project. Kevin Curtis Barr Comics (513) 824-2371 / 293-0335/ 702-5578 ... copies of this wonderful children's book can be purchased online: At and Barnes & Noble Author Kevin Curtis Barr.Please click on the link below to view and buy copies of this book:

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What is the most rewarding thing about being a children's book writer?
Feb 23, 3:11PM EST0

I feel like I can dream again.

Feb 24, 4:12PM EST0
Do you sometimes get fan mail from children?
Feb 23, 3:09PM EST0

No not yet I don't know it I ever will, only time will tell.

Feb 24, 4:10PM EST0

Do you feel influenced by other writers? Can you name a few?

Feb 22, 7:51PM EST0

of course, Steven King doesn't write kids books I don't thnk but he's one writer I look up to, also the late greeat Mrs. Maya Angelou.

Feb 24, 4:08PM EST0

Do you often encounter limitations caused by your audience's age?

Feb 20, 5:50PM EST0

Some times but not always kids are no different than grown ups

Feb 21, 10:41AM EST0

I felt like I did at first but not so much any more.

Feb 24, 4:04PM EST0

What can a parent do to help their child develop an interest in reading?

Feb 20, 4:28PM EST0

i would say speak with them about the joy of discovery, that comes along with reading, whether it be real or fantasy. 

Feb 24, 4:02PM EST0

How do you maintain a youthful and childlike perspective?

Feb 20, 3:05PM EST0

I watch some of the new cartoons for kids, and I always speak to kids like there every body eles, some very cool story one of my cousin's 5 year old grand daughter was telling me about the movie Frozen, coming from church on Sunday, she thought I might enjoy one of her favorite movies as well, children can be such a wonderful blessing!

Feb 21, 9:47AM EST0

What made you pursue a career as a writer?

Feb 18, 2:01AM EST0

I want to help bring joy to other people's lives and help them to believe in their dreams. Continued hard work is what it takes, just waiting around on luck is foollishness that leads to being lazy.

Feb 18, 3:43AM EST0

Where do you see yourself after a few years?

Feb 18, 12:11AM EST0

Still writing books and creating art if it be God's will.

Feb 18, 1:07AM EST0

How many copies do you expect to sell within a year?

Feb 17, 11:39PM EST0

I don't over 90 million would be nice don't you think.

Feb 17, 11:46PM EST0

Do you agree that writers are often neglected as having a respectable and well-earning profession?

Feb 17, 8:07PM EST0

Yes Donald I do agree, but that sort of things happens with just about everybody.

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Feb 17, 11:48PM EST0

Why are the evil characters called "Knights" of Rebellion?

Feb 17, 8:05PM EST0

I call the evil characters the 3 knights of rebellion, because of what each represents, sort bevavors most people express which needs to be checked (stopped) with with help of adult supervision. 

Feb 17, 11:57PM EST0

What does one have to do to become a good and successful writer?

Feb 17, 4:19PM EST0

Read other Authors, without comparing yourself to them, and allow yourself to simply have fun telling a tale.

Feb 18, 12:46AM EST0

What sort of writing elements are necessary in a masterpiece?

Feb 17, 3:22PM EST0

The telling of a story that grabs your heart strings from the very first page, and doesn't let go until the final chaqpter has been read. So give people some unlikely hero of sorts, an evil villain and a person (persons) and or cause worth fighting for. 

Feb 18, 1:02AM EST0

How long have you been a writer?

Feb 17, 5:59AM EST0

About 30 years now.

Feb 18, 1:03AM EST0

Have you written any other books?

Feb 16, 9:38PM EST0

Yes 3 other books all of Amazon and Barnes & Noble the titles are " THE ORIGIN OF TIGER LEE. " " LET THERE BE ART, " and " LISTEN TO MY NEXT WORD. "

Feb 17, 1:04AM EST0

What is success for you?

Feb 16, 5:40PM EST0

Just having fun while working on a project, but learning how to do stuff correctly is what's so hard to do, lol.

Feb 17, 1:08AM EST0

How has the writing profession been over the years?

Feb 16, 5:12PM EST0

My life has just been very hard over the last 16 years, but I'm still pushing forwards! 

Feb 17, 1:12AM EST0

How do you describe your primary writing style?

Feb 16, 3:59AM EST0

Straight to the point at times, my age has a lot to do with it, 54 now.

Feb 17, 1:14AM EST0

What can the kids expect in the next four books?

Feb 15, 9:05PM EST0

Much more character growth and ever improving graphics.

Feb 17, 1:16AM EST0

Why did you name the book title, "The Recuse Of Princess Chaka Knight"?

Feb 15, 8:31AM EST0

It's the storyline idea that first came to mind.

Feb 15, 8:47AM EST0