AMA about Alter-Life: Issue 3 of 5 (Limited Comic Series): Lost in a world of seemingly infinite existences, Jake's past catches up with him as he begins to accept the truth behind his reality.

Caleb Thusat
Jun 28, 2017

Alter-Life is a tragic tale of a man named Jake. He is an average guy who has dreams of becoming a writer. Reeling from the recent loss of both his wife and daughter and ready to give up on his dreams and his existence, Jake decides to take his own life. 

Through this action, he discovers that he cannot die. Again and again he returns and every time he does, the world around him is slightly different...

Come be a part of the journey into the Alter-Life:

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Sorry for the delay in answering! I have been super busy promoting the Alter-Life Issue 3 Kickstarter!

I'm going to answer as many as I can RIGHT NOW!

Jun 29, 9:26AM EDT1

How would you categorize Alter-Life by genre?

Jun 28, 12:32PM EDT1

Alter-Life is science-fiction fantasy.

Jun 29, 9:21AM EDT1

How did you conduct market research for your comic?

Jun 28, 12:09PM EDT1

How do you support yourself as a comic creator?

Jun 28, 10:21AM EDT1

I am not just a writer. I work part-time at a newspaper and full time as a comic creator. At this point my crowdfunding campaigns are the only way I am able to continue creating comics.

Jun 29, 9:22AM EDT1

What is your advice for a successful product pitch?

Jun 28, 8:15AM EDT1

Show as much as you can, and sell yourself as much as you are selling the product.

Jun 29, 9:23AM EDT1

Who is your favorite comic superhero, and why?

Jun 28, 7:55AM EDT37

I love Batman and Superman. They have a timeless quality to them, and they can and have been written to reflect the times they are created in.

Jun 29, 9:25AM EDT45

I've always wanted to read The Crow. Do you recommend it?

Jun 30, 2:50AM EDT20

What are your most and least favorite comic-to-movie instances?

Jun 28, 7:29AM EDT23

I really think that comics and movies are such a different medium that you shouldn't try to replicate the comic panel by panel. For instance, The Walking Dead is at it's best when it is playing with the material that is there, but not following the books line by line and panel by panel. Every time is does replicate the books, it feels forced to me.I love Nolan's Batman Trilogy and I really do enjoy most of what Disney is doing with Marvel, but I think the superhero genre is getting a bit stale at this point.

Jun 29, 9:35AM EDT49

Why so?

Jun 30, 3:02AM EDT17

How did you decide on Jake as your story's hero?

Jun 28, 5:06AM EDT59

Jake is a twisted reflection of myself. The story came from a time when I felt like I was stuck in my life and couldn't escape from the path I was on. Although its not exactly taken from my life's story, there are a lot of things I think people will be able to relate to in Jake's life. He grounded in reality, and has feelings and questions about his existence that I think everyone has at some point in their life.

Jun 29, 9:38AM EDT45

What do you think is most alluring for readers in Jake?

Jun 30, 2:44AM EDT41

How would you sum up the Alter-Life backstory?

Jun 28, 4:32AM EDT56

For those of you who have never heard of my comic series Alter-Life, it is a tragic tale of a man named Jake. He is an average guy who has dreams of becoming a writer. Reeling from the recent loss of both his wife and daughter and ready to give up on his dreams and his existence, Jake decides to take his own life.

Through this action, he discovers that he cannot die. Again and again he returns and every time he does, the world around him is slightly different...

Jun 29, 9:38AM EDT12

Sounds great! what becomes with our world in this case?

Jun 30, 3:15AM EDT16

How did you team up to create your comic's art and dialogue?

Jun 28, 3:41AM EDT42

I create and write the scripts for my comics. This includes dialogue and action. I found my artist by fishing around in facebook groups and then posting an ad on a job board for a comic artist. I found Katrina there, and as soon as I saw her art style, I knew she was the one to work with.

Jun 29, 9:40AM EDT42

Yeah, the pictures are really cool!

Jun 30, 3:32AM EDT14

How did you originally get involved in comics?

Jun 28, 2:09AM EDT17

I actually started in film. My ideas were just too big for independent film budgets, and after producing a number for short films and features, I decided the production process wasn't for me. Comics allow me the freedom to write anything and have an artist interpret my concepts. I decided to come to comics becuase I could maintain better control of my ideas, and create without limitation.

Jun 29, 9:42AM EDT39

Wow! What was your major, then?

Jun 30, 3:27AM EDT27

How do you choose a printer or publisher for your comic?

Jun 28, 1:44AM EDT0

I choose a printer based on how fast I need the comics and how much the printer will charge. 

Jun 29, 9:43AM EDT1

How have you been influenced by comic giants like Marvel and DC?

Jun 27, 11:39PM EDT0

I didn't really read comics when I was a kid. I watched a lot of movies and read books. I would say I am more influenced by Image Comics and Dark Horse than I am Marvel or DC.

Jun 29, 9:44AM EDT1

How did you interact with the members of your team?

Jun 27, 11:24PM EDT10

I collaborate with my artist through email, dropbox, and chat. It is the beauty of the age we live in.

Jun 29, 9:45AM EDT14

That's true - you can team up with people from different countries and work even faster that way!

Jun 30, 3:48AM EDT40

Do you have any advice for marketing at a convention?

Jun 27, 11:14PM EDT1

The #1 thing I will say is, Engage attendees. Don't wait for them to engage you. There is nothing I hate more than artists and writers in Artist Alley sitting with their heads down looking at their phones.

Jun 29, 9:47AM EDT56

What explains the resurgence in popularity of comics?

Jun 27, 10:30PM EDT37

Comics are great source material for movies and shows now. People see how good they are and want more, so they come to the source.

Jun 29, 9:52AM EDT48

Actually do you think a good comics should end someday otherwise everyone'll be fed up wit it?

Jun 30, 2:42AM EDT24

How did you choose a style of art for Alter-Life?

Jun 27, 9:51PM EDT1

I had a pallet in mind when I was writing the script. I felt like the 100 Bullets tone would work well, but when I saw Katrina Kunstmann's artwork, I knew what I wanted it to look like.

Jun 29, 9:48AM EDT1

Would you like to see Alter-Life turned into a game or movie?

Jun 27, 9:43PM EDT32

Not sure how it would work as a game, but a movie or t.v. series? Sure. I would love to see someone else's take on Alter-Life.

Jun 29, 9:48AM EDT27
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What kind of feedback have you gotten on your comic?

Jun 27, 8:52PM EDT34

It has been a wild ride, and people are really loving the story. I actually have people messaging me that it is too long inbetween issues now, but I can only do what time permits!

Jun 29, 9:50AM EDT49

I'm glad that people like it! Good luck!

Jun 30, 3:31AM EDT20

What are some effective perks to offer investors?

Jun 27, 8:26PM EDT1

Variant Covers, Producer Credits, Commission by your artist. Those are the top ones. I also like to toss in exclusive artwork that will only be available during the given campaign.

Jun 29, 9:51AM EDT1