AMA Creator of DARK MATTER: RISE OF THE LEXICONS #1 talks why this is a Kickstarter you need to back!

Jul 18, 2018

My latest comic book DARK MATTER: RISE OF THE LEXICONS Kickstarter is now live. This Sci-Fi/Fantasy Space Opera focuses on an ancient race of beings known as the Lexicons as they battle to protect their way of life as evil forces conspire against them. This story can best be described as a mashup of Jack Kirby's New Gods, Game of Thrones, Star Wars with a little Westworld thrown in. We are $900 dollars away from our funding goal and invite you to join in as we build this exotic universe from the ground up. PREPARE TO RISE!

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There’s a classic look and feel to the visuals on the comic book so far – what was the biggest influence on the art?
Jul 18, 11:55AM EDT0

In my opinion, I see a lot of Frank Frazetta in our artist Sam Santos work.

Jul 18, 12:33PM EDT0
What’s been your favourite element to draw in this comic? Was this a challenging comic to work on?
Jul 18, 11:21AM EDT0

I am the Creator/Writer and not the artist but I have enjoyed seeing the characters and locations that sprang up from my mind brought to life in this book.

Jul 18, 11:49AM EDT0
You are offering a lot of incentives with this Kickstarter campaign, which one of the reward levels is your favourite and why?
Jul 18, 8:01AM EDT0

Good question!  While I like the $40 Premier Package (because it gives you advanced copies of THREE COMICS coming out later this year) and the $100 Build-A-reward (which lets the backer create their own package and be in total control), I would say that my favorite is the $25 Galaxy Pack because of its overall value to the backer and that you get both print & digital versions of THREE different comics (over 150 pages of content).

Jul 18, 10:41AM EDT0
What can readers expect from the "Dark Matter: Rise of Lexicons"?
Jul 18, 5:33AM EDT0

Good stories, gorgeous art and universe-building with an awesome array of characters & exotic locales. 

Jul 18, 10:24AM EDT0
Have you been working on "Dark Matter: Rise of Lexicons" for a while? How long was the process?
Jul 18, 1:33AM EDT0

I actually came up with the concept about three years ago and have finally gotten it to this point.

Jul 18, 10:41AM EDT0
What influenced you to “bundle” the comic and the indie publishing imprint into one Kickstarter?
Jul 17, 9:01PM EDT0

I write all of the comics so I  figured that I would bundle them to give backers more bang for their buck. 

Jul 17, 10:57PM EDT0
What drew you to comics as a storytelling medium? What were your early influences?
Jul 17, 4:00PM EDT0

Initially as a child, it was the art.  Masters like Kirby, Ditko, Buscema, Adams and more were my early influences.

Jul 17, 4:32PM EDT0

Do you work full time? If so, how do you find time to draw every day?

Jul 17, 3:57PM EDT0

I do work full time as a Firefighter and Paramedic. I make time for comics between work, family and other things life throws my way.

Jul 17, 4:29PM EDT0

Could you provide a little more information about the available rewards for the campaign and what kind of treats you have in store for your backers?

Jul 17, 2:56PM EDT0

Rewards include variant covers, digital editions, additional comics, sketches, t-shirts and more.

Jul 17, 4:26PM EDT0
Are there any other projects you have on the horizon you’d like to tell readers about?
Jul 17, 1:04PM EDT0

Yes, releasing later this year around Halloween is the horror title CHAMBER OF TERROR #1 and in December will see the release of ADVENT COMICS SPOTLIGHT #4 which is a 64 page anthology reminiscent of the old DC $1 comics and Marvel's Giant-Sized books.  And in 2019, I will be working on the 10th Anniversary project for Advent Comics which is shaping up to be HUGE!!

Jul 17, 2:28PM EDT0
What would you like to say to someone who is fence sitting and hasn’t decided if they want to spend their hard-earned money on your project? What would you use to convince them to help you with this?
Jul 17, 8:57AM EDT0

If you are deciding on whether or not to back the Kickstarter, consider this you can get a great story that introduces a brand-new, exciting universe that is filled with gorgeous art and stacked with loads of comics for your hard-earned money.  Even if you contribute a single dollar, you will receive a 28 page preview/primer comic.

Jul 17, 10:41AM EDT0
Is there anything you would like to add, something about the project you’d like to put out there you haven’t before?
Jul 17, 7:35AM EDT0

Yes, this project is a celebration of my 9th Anniversary (August 1st) in the comics industry and if successful will give every backer a very special gift.

Jul 17, 10:34AM EDT0

What makes this comic special, what is unique and innovative about its storyline or artwork?

Jul 17, 6:06AM EDT0

While every writer thinks everything that he writes is "special", I am a realist and know that every story isn't going to be your magnum opus.  But with that said, this story is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy lovers dream in that you can be apart of building a new universe which is a mashup of Game of Thrones meets Star Wars with a little Westworld thrown in. If you want to be a part of the start of something special, then please pledge.

Jul 17, 10:29AM EDT0

Which particular genre do you gravitate toward in your day-to-day comics reading and how does this preference affect the originality of your own comic?

Jul 17, 2:59AM EDT0

I have always been drawn to superheroes even though I have written Science Fiction, Romance, Supernatural/Religious, Crime Noir, Horror and Fantasy. 

Jul 17, 10:21AM EDT0
Did you know you wanted to make comics all along or did you think you would be more of a fine artist?
Jul 16, 8:51PM EDT0

Actually I am the creator and writer but I have wanted to make comics since the 1st Grade. I went through an entire school year worth of paper drawing (poorly) my own comics lol.

Jul 17, 10:19AM EDT0

What do you consider to be one of the greatest comics of all time and what are the reasons for your answer?

Jul 16, 5:16PM EDT0

I like storylines and some of the best of all time includes Avengers Celestial Madonna  TPB, Crisis on Infinite Earths TPB, Batman: Killing Joke and Captain America: Madbomb

Jul 16, 9:12PM EDT0

AMA is now underway!

Jul 16, 1:29PM EDT0
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