AMA for Joseph Duis, Writer and Creator of DOCTOR ORANGE

Joseph Duis
Aug 24, 2018

If Edgar Allan Poe wrote a screenplay about The Great Pumpkin and John Carpenter directed it!  

Joseph Duis is the writer and creator of DOCTOR ORANGE, now live on Kickstarter at!

After a woman with a history of hallucinations carves a jack o'lantern for Halloween, it comes after her in revenge . . . or it is all in her mind?

I have also written previous self-contained horror one-shot comics BLESS THE CHILDREN, CAT & MOUSE, and THE ORDER OF DRACULA, all available at!



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You have written some terrifying scenes in your comics. What really scares you?
Aug 26, 10:49AM EDT0
When writing, do you have an age group in mind? If yes, how does this influence your style in writing and the content of the comic book?
Aug 26, 10:38AM EDT0
Are there any other genres you are interested in that you could see yourself writing for sometime in the future?
Aug 26, 10:38AM EDT0
Given your experience in the industry, what most surprised you about the making of your own original comic?
Aug 26, 10:17AM EDT0
From all the characters you've written so far, who's the most interesting or most challenging character and why?
Aug 25, 4:22PM EDT0

I guess probably James "Skin-the-Goat" Fitzharris, Irish separatist, who appears in The Order of Dracula and in the upcoming Crusade of Dracula.  It's difficult striking a balance between showing he will do anything for a cause - even harm innocents - and also making him sympathetic.

Aug 25, 6:24PM EDT0
How do you make your own work stand out?
Aug 25, 8:29AM EDT0

I try to bring it all home in the end.  People will forgive a lot in the earlier parts of the story if the ending is solid.  I also try to take expectations and subvert them.

Aug 25, 6:25PM EDT0
How has the funding process been like? Did your extensive marketing finally pay off?
Aug 25, 4:02AM EDT0

The marketing I've done has paid off in proportion to the amount of marketing and the intelligence of the strategies.  But certainly I have a lot to learn in that area.  In the future, I'd like to have a stronger approach to marketing in general and learn new tactics.

Aug 25, 6:27PM EDT0
Of all the comic books you have written, which one would you like to see turned into a TV series or possibly expanded to be a movie?
Aug 25, 12:04AM EDT1

None are really the right length to be a feature film, but when it's complete, the Dracula trilogy (Order, Crusade, Legacy) could make an interesting TV series.

Having said that, though, I have no real intention of bringing anything to another medium.  I approach these as comics and try to use the strengths of comics to make things unique.

Aug 25, 6:28PM EDT0
To someone interested in starting a comic book but has no idea where to begin, what would your advise be?
Aug 24, 4:24PM EDT0

There are a lot of resources out there.  I'd recommend any of a number of books out there - for me, those were the DC COMICS GUIDES TO WRITING COMICS, CREATING COMICS, and COLORING AND LETTERING.  Also, ask around.  There are a lot of comics folk on social media and they are very approachable.

Aug 24, 9:56PM EDT0
Do you have any personal favorites in all the comics you have created? If yes, which one and why?
Aug 24, 3:15PM EDT0

DOCTOR ORANGE is my favorite!  It isn't out yet, though, so I'm going to pick BLESS THE CHILDREN.  Both for the same reason - we worked hard on ramping up the sense of dread.  

Aug 24, 9:55PM EDT0
People have responded positively to your funding campaign. What does this tell you about people's love for comics, especially Doctor Orange? Do you feel pressured as a writer and creator to produce a phenomenal comic book?
Aug 24, 1:15PM EDT0

It tells me that the fans are out there.  You just need to find them.  In fact, I don't think I've done a particularly great job of finding them relative to the success others have had, so I see it as a challenge to do better next time.

I do feel a little pressure, but the truth is the book is almost entirely done already.  So there isn't a lot I can do at this point except hope people like it :)

Aug 24, 1:34PM EDT0
Do you think enough attention is being given to the comic industry? What do you think needs to be done for more people to realize and appreciate the work and resources that go into creating a comic book?
Aug 24, 11:49AM EDT0

No, the comic industry definitely needs more attention.  

I think it's up to us to go out there and educate.  No one's going to do it for us.  We can do that by doing AMAs like this one, interviews, conventions.  Just talking to people.  If we work together we can bring more awareness over time.

Aug 24, 12:08PM EDT0

What made you want to write this kind of story?

Aug 24, 10:09AM EDT0

Well, writing horror stories is my thing, or it has been for a while.  Mostly because I had no idea how to do it so I took it on as a challenge. 

Aug 24, 12:06PM EDT0
Do you sometimes use your daughter to find out if a particular comic book will get the attention of kids her age?
Aug 23, 1:30PM EDT0

No, I have yet to do any comics that are appropriate for small kids.  Maybe one day.

Aug 24, 12:06PM EDT0
Have you been responsible for every developing aspect of the comic Doctor Orange or do you have a team working with you?
Aug 23, 8:57AM EDT0

I have a team.  Jose Raul Orte Crespo is my line artist and Maulana Faris is my colorist.  I couldn't hope to do anything like they do.

Aug 24, 12:05PM EDT0
What inspired you to write a comic with a halloween theme?
Aug 22, 5:58PM EDT0

I love Halloween.  And I love horror.  And I was directly inspired by carving a pumpkin for Halloween.

Aug 24, 12:05PM EDT0
There has been a large influx of comic writers in the recent years. Is this a sign of the available market for this industry?
Aug 21, 1:39AM EDT0

I think it's more of a sign that the industry is changing.  With the advent of crowdfunding and self-publishing, there is room for more people than ever and that's awesome.

Aug 24, 12:04PM EDT0
What do you think about indie publishing? Pros and cons?
Aug 20, 10:22PM EDT0

The pros are that you can really do whatever you like.  No creative limitations.  The cons are that it's expensive, time-consuming, and there is no publisher to help you with business-related things like distribution.

Aug 24, 12:03PM EDT0
What would you say appeals to you most as a comic writer?
Aug 20, 1:32AM EDT0

I just love the collaborative process, plotting, and writing dialogue and captions.

Aug 24, 12:03PM EDT0
What is the most difficult thing about breaking into the comic book industry?
Aug 20, 1:16AM EDT0

Time and money are always the problem.  

Aug 24, 12:02PM EDT0
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