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3RD Sun Ent Concepts on Demand
Jan 11, 2018

I'm Clif Wilson Illustrator and Toy Designer here to answer your questions about comic book illustration and the relationship with toy design and merchandising. I've been a comic book artist and graphic designer for over 15 yrs so ask and I'll give you insights I've learned in making comics and toys from concept to completion. Visit my website at 3rdsunentertainment.com & conceptsondemand.com



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Describe us a bit about your creative process while creating a toy?

Jan 11, 6:59PM EST0

Starts with a drawing or picture of the subject usually

Jan 12, 3:19AM EST0

Depends if it's an action figure or a toy with limited movement that needs to be sculpted or 3d printed. Sculpting will begin with wire if it's 3d printed all the work takes place in the computer using digital sculptong technigues. Then low poly test prints.

Jan 12, 9:11PM EST0

What have been the most interesting or rewarding parts of making toys?

Jan 11, 6:55PM EST0

The joy of seeing the look on someone's face when they got something made just for them and better than they invisioned it.

Jan 12, 3:20AM EST0

I think it's very pleasant feeling

Jan 12, 12:56PM EST0

Do you play video games? Your toys could be the heroes of some of them!

Jan 11, 5:46PM EST0

I don't have time for video games but I do want to design toys for them. I'm open to suggestions

Jan 12, 3:22AM EST1

How do you deal with creative mental blocks?

Jan 11, 5:07PM EST0

Step away come back ask my fiance or my son what they think and they give me great advice.

Jan 12, 6:26PM EST0

What are you enjoying more - in drawing comics or making toys?

Jan 11, 3:07PM EST0

I want to say toys but sometimes comics are easier. When it comes to toys I have to be an engineer sometimes which is time consuming

Jan 12, 3:25AM EST0

How did you get interested in toy design?

Jan 11, 2:26PM EST0

Just being a kid in the 80s I loved the toys like gi joe he man thundercats rambo transformers and that love never went away

Jan 12, 3:31AM EST0

As a child, what were your favorite toys? Do you think they impacted the kinds of things you now design?

Jan 11, 12:36PM EST0

Blackstar, he man gi joe all the good stuff from the 80s like superpowers collection secret wars just made me want to step my game up into the new century

Jan 12, 3:34AM EST0

When did you know you wanted a career as a toy designer?

Jan 11, 10:52AM EST0

As a kid one christmas my cousin and I had great toys and it was just inspiring

Jan 12, 3:35AM EST0

As a toy designer, what do you believe is your best asset?

Jan 11, 6:46AM EST0

The ability ti take the subject material and make it better or problem solving fairly quick

Jan 12, 3:37AM EST0

Are you currently working on any projects that you would like to mention?

Jan 11, 6:42AM EST0

I got one I'm doing of a godly warrior and that's a change of pace for me. I'm excited to see the finishe product

Jan 12, 3:39AM EST0

Who were the masters you got inspiration for your art?

Jan 10, 11:15PM EST0

Jim Lee definitely changed my life with X men #256 bryne silvestri McFarlane especially

Jan 12, 3:45AM EST0

Do you like movies about X-men or you prefer comics?

Jan 12, 2:55PM EST0

Could you tell us what was the work you're more proud of?

Jan 10, 8:07PM EST0

Nope always working on different stuff so I never can get comfortable with one thing

Jan 12, 3:46AM EST0

Do you use any special tools or programs for creating toys?

Jan 10, 4:53PM EST0

I usena variety of software 3D programs sculpting and I do deals witj companies for small stuff like guns or clothing but for the most part we make just about everything here.

Jan 12, 3:49AM EST0

Do you print your toys on a 3D-printer?

Jan 12, 12:18PM EST0

Are you making the toys that are related to the comic book characters that you illustrate or that's something completely separate?

Jan 10, 1:30PM EST0

I make toys for me you or anyone else who needs em but I'm focused alot on our illustrations too.

Jan 12, 3:51AM EST0

Could you tell us your opinion about the future of comics?

Jan 10, 6:17AM EST0

New worlds of really diverse characters from ethnic backgrounds and of course gays will be in the mix as well as more female leads. If we're nor careful though it could be perverse. We need clean stuff yet edgy because everything is so sexual now

Jan 12, 4:01AM EST0

I absolutely agree with you. This issue is very essential

Jan 12, 2:06PM EST0

What advice would you give to the youngsters trying to break into the comics business?

Jan 10, 5:43AM EST0

Study hard and above all do the work, leave the computer and social media alone sometimes and just work. Some people never even try to finish 1 thing. You can do it and you will if you learn to say to parties and lovers and friends even familt sometimes. Most of them won't achieve anything or support you until you show them you mean business

Jan 12, 4:05AM EST0

What are your career aspirations over the next five to ten years?

Jan 10, 12:59AM EST0

I see myself directing films not being pingeon holed into a particular genre having the freedom to direct classics that will stand the test of time. I want more toys in shelves of black, latino, and indian or native heroes and I want to be driving force to put them there. I want to profit more from my work than the gluttons who line their pockets with money from the work of the artist. I'll train a new work force and rise to lead in my field

Jan 12, 4:21AM EST1

That sounds really great! Which genres of films would you be venturing into?  

Jan 12, 6:35AM EST0

How do you promote your art?

Jan 10, 12:43AM EST0

However I can paid ads, free ads, social media word of mouth and conventions gotta love the Cons they're the best places to hang out with celebs meet fans and make new fans

Jan 12, 4:24AM EST0

Do you draw from your own comic scripts or you work with other people who write it?

Jan 9, 10:58PM EST0

Both. I write and sometimes people I illustrate for have their own material

Jan 12, 4:25AM EST0
As a designer what are the challenges you face while making brand new toys?
Jan 9, 9:06PM EST0

I answered this question but for some reason it didn't post. The hardest thing is when your doing something that doesn't really have a road map. Especially when it comes to things you've never seen before. The most important thing is knowing anatomy and how the skeletal system will move in this awesome thing. Once you establish some good design planning then you'll know how to proceed with the desifn based on skeleral movement and overall structure. Stull not a cake walk but it makes the job easier

Jan 12, 6:23PM EST0
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