Ask Me Anything about my COMICBOOK PROJECT "Live Byte".

Slayter Radik
Oct 21, 2017

I would love to introduce you my new comic project. "Live Byte"


 Billy - Main Character (Young).

Cindy - Main Character (Teenager and Adult ages).

Ray - Main Character (Adult, digital person become real human).

Henry - Cindy's boyfriend (in real life).

 Genre: Fantastic, Drama. 

          This story going in near future. 2030 Year. Some teenager girl Cindy always wanna have good and close friend. But, she is not ordinary girl. She clumsy, and weird person. Lat say, she is smart ass girl. Erudite person. Always create something, intellectual. Not much talking in real life. Always chat, and chat... And again chat. People always laugh at her in real life. So, she prefer stay somewhere outside of the real world. So once upon a time. She tired of this bored life, and laugh from others. And she has created own virtual boyfriend, who always will understand her. (Cindy is genius programmer). This Artificial Intelligence was created by Cindy's ideals. So he is perfect. But nothing perfect forever. One day something happened. She created too much perfect and self-developing Artificial Intelligence. He can't stay inside a computer anymore and have own plans.


All this story you will see in my comic "Live Byte"

Here is the some sketches about characters:

Of course final pages will be colored and comic style. This is simple sketches for now.

Example for Final color comic..

 What will you get?

Become to my patron you'll get continue story of my comic. Some updates. Also adult content will be visible only for patrons. (Sometimes exist some adult contents).And all pages of comic visible only for a patrons. So you will get exclusively my done pages. Updates will be weekly i guess. As long as i reach my goals.  So, i hope you would be interesting to support my comic project. Thank you, for taking your time to read this.

Slayter Radik says:

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Where dis you learn to draw?

Dec 15, 7:17AM EST0

What is your favorite comicbook?

Dec 15, 4:57AM EST0

Is this anime or manga?

Dec 8, 11:01PM EST0

When did you start drawing?

Dec 3, 11:10PM EST0

Have you ever thought in making this into a film?

Dec 3, 1:50AM EST0

How do you handle challenges when they come your way.

Nov 29, 9:01AM EST0

Who would you name the biggest contributor in developing your style?

Nov 22, 10:59AM EST0

What is your favorite comicbook?

Nov 8, 8:24AM EST0

How long have you been making comic book?

Nov 1, 3:43PM EDT0

Depend of what comic book. 

If last one (5 chapters).. I think 1-1,5 years. 

Not full day  time.. (By 3-4 hrs per day). 

Nov 2, 2:04PM EDT0

You are in sketching or story writing? 

Oct 28, 1:33AM EDT0

Both ;) 

Oct 28, 1:51PM EDT1
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What makes you write that? 

Oct 22, 3:56AM EDT0

write what?

Oct 22, 4:14AM EDT0

What’s your background?

Oct 20, 2:26PM EDT0

Background about? 

Oct 20, 4:10PM EDT0

What is your all time favorite comic?

Oct 20, 2:02PM EDT0

I like to draw comics, like to draw.. But not often read other comics.. 

So don't have time for read other comics. 

Last edited @ Oct 21, 4:13AM EDT.
Oct 20, 4:10PM EDT0

Are comic books easy to find at convenience stores?

Oct 20, 12:05PM EDT0

I think so .. A lot of comics exist in markets.. If you mean my comic? No )) it not popular. (same like me). 

Oct 20, 4:09PM EDT0

Do you have other comics?

Oct 20, 11:25AM EDT0

Yes i have.. Already done last  comic. 

5 Chapters. Also fantastic comedy. 

And still  have some of my very old comics. (On memory) )).. Since 90's

There is some random pages from my last comic

Last edited @ Oct 21, 4:19AM EDT.
Oct 20, 4:08PM EDT0

How has your practice changed over time?

Oct 20, 9:55AM EDT0

Changed.. But not much.. can't explain how much exactly. 

But i hope changed in better side. 

Oct 20, 4:07PM EDT0

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Oct 20, 8:35AM EDT0

Still have not idea ;) Never know what will happened tomorrow. 

Oct 20, 4:05PM EDT0

What themes do you pursuit?

Oct 20, 8:16AM EDT0

hmmm.. Usual my theme, drama fantastic, thriller, comedy, romantic. 

This kind themes.. Something not ordinary ))

Oct 20, 4:04PM EDT0

Do you work alone or do you have a team?

Oct 20, 8:02AM EDT0

Me and my bro only.  

Oct 20, 3:59PM EDT0

How did you come up with the characters?

Oct 20, 7:15AM EDT0

hmmmmmmmm just imagine in my head how is it character must look like.. 

Imgination how i see it.. ;)

Oct 20, 3:59PM EDT0
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