Comics for Sale and the struggle of self-publishing, go ahead AMA.

Waylon Wesley
Aug 3, 2018

Now I know I haven't been very active on AMAfeed for some time, I've been really busy with accomplishing my goal of becoming a self-publishing comic book artist and getting my cyberpunk comic Divinus Machina off the ground and making it available in print, which it currently is, feel free to me asking me any questions related to self-publishing

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How difficult is to print publish a comic book? What challenges and struggles did you face?
Aug 5, 5:51PM EDT0

Well there are the challenges that come with self publishing such as having to market and promote your work yourself, convincing people to buy your work, the costs of producing comics and finding affordable printing outlets, costs of shipping and online store hosting....the biggest challenge I think is the money that goes into making it happen

Aug 6, 5:15AM EDT0
What do you love the most about being a comic book artist?
Aug 5, 1:43PM EDT0

Just being able to bring my ideas to life and going through the entire creative process is really fun for me

Aug 6, 5:13AM EDT0
What would you consider is the ONE thing that REALLY helped you level up your skills?
Aug 5, 10:14AM EDT0

Lots and lots and lots and lots of practice lol 

Aug 5, 11:14AM EDT0
Would you have taken the opportunity to go down the traditional route if that had been a possibility?
Aug 4, 12:03PM EDT0

Yes I most probably would have if I had been presented with an opportunity and perhaps I may even seek out publishers in the future once I have the fanbase to prove that people are interested in my work and if I'm allowed full control over my work

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Aug 4, 12:38PM EDT0

Are you only writing comics, or will you in the future be looking to write books as well?

Aug 4, 8:07AM EDT0

Only comics and maybe graphic novels because thats what I'm most passionate about, I love drawing as well and found it to be the best way to express myself as a creative person 

Aug 4, 12:37PM EDT0
When do you find time to write? Does this differ from when you started writing your first novel?
Aug 3, 10:43PM EDT0

Well usually what I do is I plot out the entire story beforehand using various idea generation and story construction techniques, such as the snowflake method, and then once I ahve my entire idea fully fleshed out I begin typing short 3 pages scripts for each issue pulling content from my idea mindmaps, writing a comic is quite different from doing a novel because you break up each part of the story into episodes or issues, so its a little bit easier, and the artwork usually tells most of your story, so you really only have to focus on the dialogue of your characters and since I have most of  my ideas jotted out already in mindmaps before I even start the artwork its a lot easier and doesn't take long to type out the scripts for each issue

Aug 4, 12:34PM EDT0
How important do you feel interacting with your readers has been?
Aug 3, 8:42PM EDT0

Its very important, it gives you an idea of what you readers think and lets you know exactly how they feel about your content and it also shows them that you care about them being your audience

Aug 4, 12:27PM EDT0
Very many comic book writers have come up in the recent past creating intense competition. How has this made the marketing process of self-published comic books even harder?
Aug 3, 1:10PM EDT0

Quite a bit to be honest, but at the same time if you have something unique to offer in the form of story or artwork then its not so bad

Aug 4, 12:25PM EDT0
In the recent past, many writers and authors have taken to self-publishing because they have control over their books. Does this mean it has become easier to sell books since you do it on your own rather than relying on support from publishing houses?
Aug 3, 11:25AM EDT0

Not necessarily.... as I said to someone else on this feed, there is a fair amount of luck involved as well and depending how often or how well you market and whether people are interested in your work determines how well it'll sell....the thing with many publishing houses such as Marvel, DC, Image comics and Darkhorse is that many of them are household names and are evry popular, so they already have their brand behind them so marketing is a lot easier for them, as an independent creator and publisher, you have to work twice as hard to market and self publish your work, this is why pushing your content regularly is a must

Aug 3, 12:00PM EDT0
What are some of the challenges you have faced when it comes to marketing your self-published comic book?
Aug 3, 11:08AM EDT0

Just getting people interested to be honest, when promoting it on social media most people tend to just give a like and a couple of nice comments, but getting people to actually buy it is the tricky part

Aug 3, 11:52AM EDT0
Are there particular countries where you would say comic books sell more than others? Do you recommend in pitching sales more to comic readers in these destinations?
Aug 3, 4:30AM EDT0

Yes funny thing is, most of my fans come from the U.S, I've found the the United States is more supportive of comics than most otehr places, probably because they have quite a big industry for comic books, If one could get over the language barrier and use the right format, I'd also say that Japan would be a  good place to target as well, since Japan also has quite a big industry

Aug 3, 11:51AM EDT0
What is the biggest advantage self-publishing has over traditional publishing houses?
Aug 3, 12:07AM EDT0

You have complete creative freedom, and complete ownership and control over your characters and story, also when you do make a profit ,all the profits come to you 

Aug 3, 11:52AM EDT0
What are some of the tips you would give someone who is considering self-publishing as they consider it to be easier than traditional publishing?
Aug 3, 12:03AM EDT0

The biggest tip is to try market as much as possible across as many platforms as possible, especially on social media....and to make sure to regularly produce content that people may stay stay interested, you'll find that if you don't produce enough content or if you keep people waiting too long they tend to lose interest, so content and marketing on a regular basis are very important, you should at least do this once a week

Last edited @ Aug 3, 11:56AM EDT.
Aug 3, 11:55AM EDT0
How can an introvert effectively self promote of his or her book?
Aug 2, 11:59PM EDT0

Hmm this is a bit of a tough one, but I''l try to answer as best I can....I know being introverted means you may have some difficulty interacting with other people but really that is the only way you can actually market your stuff, through interacting with other way that may help someone who is introverted is by marketing it on social media, I'm not exactly an introvert so I can only speak from my own experiences, but what I did was simply to post and show artwork related to my comic on social media platforms like Facrbook, DeviantArt, Twitter and Instagram, posting in various Facebook groups  also helped a lot in getting my work noticed by more people

Last edited @ Aug 3, 11:49AM EDT.
Aug 3, 11:48AM EDT0
Self publishing is not as easy as many people seem to think. What are some of the challenges you have faced in your bid to get market for your comic book?
Aug 2, 7:13PM EDT0

Just getting people interested to be honest, when promoting it on social media most people tend to just give a like and a couple of nice comments, but getting people to actually buy it is the tricky part 

Aug 3, 11:42AM EDT0

Where can one find your comic books? Did you carry out a feasibility study on the best online stores to use before choosing the best location to sell your comic book? Why?

Aug 2, 6:32PM EDT0

I did do  abit of research, though maybe not as much as I should ahve but the stores I picked were ones that would cover both printing and shipping for me, so that I cvould just focus on producing the can find my online store here, I have two issues currently for sale in print and as e books

Aug 3, 11:41AM EDT0
Did you have a team to help you when it came to editing and polishing your comic book before self publishing? What, according to you is the hardest task when it comes to self publishing?
Aug 2, 6:11PM EDT0

No I do everything myself, the script writing, drawing, colouring, dialogue...everything is done by me, simply because I do not have the financial means to have a team to help me...I would say the marketing side of it is the most difficult and actually getting people to be interested in buying your comics

Aug 3, 11:38AM EDT0
Do you think making sales for a self-published writer has more to do with luck than the marketing technique used?
Aug 2, 5:30PM EDT0

Yes I actually do think so, I mean I think that a fair degree of luck goes into the success of any business as well

Aug 3, 11:37AM EDT0
What according to you is the best format for a self-published comic book to have increased sales? What are your reasons?
Aug 2, 4:14PM EDT0

I'll give the same answer I've given most people here, I'm still a fledging self publisher as I have just started recently, so I'm still finding my way and figuring everything out as I go along...Networking with other artists and indie comic artists help, especially if they have been in the game for a long time because they usually have some very good media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a very good way to get people to notice your work quickly especially when tagging other artists, posting in groups and adding the right hashtags....I can't really speak about increased sales, since I just started but perhaps as time goes on I'll find better means and be able to give an answer in the future

Aug 2, 5:25PM EDT0
There are several channels available today for marketing comic books. Which one would you say has been of greater success to you?
Aug 2, 3:46PM EDT0

In all honesty, I'm literally just figuring this out as I go along, I'm still fairly new to all this....but I mostly use social media pplatforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Deviant far Facebook has gained me the greatest following 

Aug 2, 5:22PM EDT0