Eustace Zeus Zulu - Self Taught Comic artist, The First Of His Kind. #AMA Ask Me Anything!

Eustace Zeus Zulu
Apr 11, 2018

It's more than a Dream. More than a wish, it's a plan. A plan to begin and Build a Comic World (comics and comic art) in a place where -by definition - the only "pleasing or culture appropriate " Art or the standard of it is limited to the depiction of how my forefathers lived. I'm Eustace Zeus Zulu, a self-taught comic artist from Africa, Zambia. my Plan is to build a platform for the future young creatives, to create and promote a platform and a future for creatives like me to thrive in, but it's hard when you're self-taught and self-sponsored, when equipment to enable me to have my work done and delivered is so rare that even the people who have the equipment bought them online and as second hand. Honestly, and not to show off but I've only met two artists who may be at the same level as me, it hurts seeing these people have this stuff and they can hardly even draw! If this plan is going to happen, I'll need the means to. I have a vision and drive to build this in my country!! It's been hard and this my story. I'll find every way possible to make this thing happen. #AMA


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What do you think about Marvel Comics? Any favourites?
Apr 13, 6:43PM EDT0
What was your first ever experience with comics as a reader?
Apr 13, 6:10AM EDT0
Is there anything you still want to make sure you do in comics?
Apr 13, 5:59AM EDT0
What are your plans for building a platform to gather all the self-taught artists to share their work and spread awareness of the art and work?
Apr 12, 6:20PM EDT0

what comic artist has done for you

Apr 12, 1:51PM EDT0
What do you think of Archies comic books? Do you think they were best at those days or do you feel they were overrated?
Apr 12, 10:58AM EDT0
What type of artistic tools have you been using over the last few years?
Apr 12, 6:08AM EDT0
What’s hanging on your walls and what is your favourite piece of art that you own?
Apr 12, 6:08AM EDT0
Which comic artists or creator do you go back to for a quick boost of inspiration?
Apr 12, 2:44AM EDT0
How did you get started as an artist and why do you feel the need to pursue this career?
Apr 11, 11:13PM EDT0
Do you truly believe that one artist is better than another in terms of ability and what, in your opinion, are some of the standard artistic abilities that artists should have?
Apr 11, 6:10PM EDT0
What criteria do you use to judge your artistic efforts?
Apr 11, 1:23PM EDT0
Being a self taught artist, you must have worked on various multimedias, please tell what's your favorite media to work with? Why?
Apr 11, 7:17AM EDT0
Having worked with comics, animation could you tell what was the work you're more proud of?
Apr 11, 6:34AM EDT0
Could you tell us what you think about the future of comics?
Apr 11, 5:38AM EDT0

I think the comic industry is definitely taking over!!!! More women are involved, in terms of characters and artists but also in interest!!, because of the movies that are pointing to comics, and I believe soon it'll become a giant we can't ignore and just leave to the kids but will demand that we all get involved, I think it'Il take over all media platforms soon!  I'm not exaggerating.  Music, sports, name it. Sounds cool... But.... It's... Kind of scary

Apr 12, 7:42PM EDT0
How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started?
Apr 11, 5:35AM EDT0

It changed!!  But I haven't found it yet, everytime I think I've found my style, when I feel motivated I find myself switching or experimenting with new stuff, so, I can't rely say I've found my style Hahaha, but I just keep drawing 

Apr 12, 7:38PM EDT0
What do you do when you experience a creative slump?
Apr 11, 5:27AM EDT1

Awesome question, well, I just find something to draw that's not in my field of expertise, e.g if I'm used to drawing cars, when I experience the artists block, I instead switch to flowers, fish, shoes, work on textures, bones, draw cartoons, and I found this helped me out a lot, but sometimes, all I need.... Is a major break and just be away from all the art stuff and just... Catch up with life. I hope I've helped?? Hahaha

Apr 12, 7:37PM EDT0
What do you think of as your best moment in the career till now? Did you ever had any 'leap of faith" on the way?
Apr 10, 2:51AM EDT0

Excellent question, and I fear you might have asked it too early, because this is my leap of faith, coming here, asking for help from people who don't even know me, throwing myself on platforms with incredible artists and not feel intimidated, even though I have every right to. So, I don't have an answer yet hahaha, but.... Good question. 

Apr 12, 7:34PM EDT0
What’s your priority as a comic artist? What are you doing now in relation to your art?
Apr 8, 7:09AM EDT0

My priority as a comic artist, is to make this thing a flag for my country, when they see my art, I want people to see a nation, to see A Love for people, to see opportunity for people who may not be artists as well. It's for everyone, I want people to see that. And I'd Love to get to that place.  I'm currently studying Anatomy and perspective books, and tutorials, looking for the finest team to build this thing with me, right now we're a team of two,looking for some equipment to make stuff easier for me, drawing Tab, anything to just make my journey easier, that's why I'm here.

Apr 12, 7:32PM EDT0
What makes your art or creating comics different from others?
Apr 7, 10:25PM EDT0

What makes it different ,I'd say... is the fact that it's me doing it, also the fact that I'm doing it with generations in mind and not just my circle of influence or my pockets. I haven't seen that in so many other places

Apr 12, 7:27PM EDT0
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