Hello! My name is Caleb Thusat, and I'm addicted to making awesome comic books. Issue 4 of my Sci-Fi series Alter-Life is on Kickstarter! Ask Me Anything.

Caleb Thusat
Oct 19, 2017

What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning of infinite possibilities? With Alter-Life, death is just a moment in existence.

This is a tragic tale of a man named Jake. He is an average guy who has dreams of being a successful writer.  

Reeling from the recent loss of both his wife and daughter and ready to give up on his dreams and his existence, Jake decides to take his own life. 

Through this action, he discovers that he cannot die. Again and again he returns and every time he does, the world around him is slightly different...


Alter-Life is based on a concept that came to me when I was 18 and questioning life and death. Fifteen years later, all of the experiences, the ups and downs, and the joys and pains of life helped me develop this unique love letter to the genre of Science Fiction.

Alter-Life is a 5 Issue Limited Sci-Fi series exploring love, loss, life, and death.  Issue 4 is currently on its way to being successfully funded through Kickstarter. 

It has been a long, hard road to get this series created, and we are now nearing the end. I'm happy to answer any questions about Alter-Life, the process of writing, getting into the Comic Book creator scene, or Using Kickstarter to fund your dreams.

Join the Alter-Life Journey and help us finish our story at www.AlterLifeComic.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alterlifecomic/

Twitter: @calebthusat and @alterlifecomic

You can also find up on Patreon at patreon.com/villagecomics

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How old are you?

Oct 19, 5:46AM EDT0

Old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.

Oct 19, 9:34AM EDT0

Do you have alternate plans should your crowdfunding campaign fail?

Oct 19, 5:05AM EDT0

No alternate plans as this point. If I fail, I will likely relaunch at a future date when there are less comic projects running.

Oct 19, 9:31AM EDT0

Is this your main income?

Oct 19, 4:23AM EDT0

Nope. I work part-time at a Newspaper, full-time as a Dad and Comic Book writer.

Oct 19, 9:30AM EDT0

Did you read a lot of comics as a kid?

Oct 19, 2:40AM EDT0

I wouldn't say a lot. I was more of a movie and video game kid. I read a lot more in college and after. We didn't have a comic book store in my town, so it wasn't easy to get a hold of them.

Oct 19, 9:30AM EDT0

What made you choose to make a comic instead of a novel?

Oct 18, 8:48PM EDT0

I am a very visual writer. I starting writing for movies in college, and comic books are a great way to transistion from screen to page.

Oct 19, 9:29AM EDT0

Do you have help on this?

Oct 18, 8:43PM EDT0

I am running the Kickstarter myself. I work with an artist, and commission artist for bonus content and variant covers for every issue.

Oct 19, 9:28AM EDT0

Where are you from?

Oct 18, 8:13PM EDT0

I live in Oak Park Illinois, but I am originally from a small town in Northwest Ohio.

Oct 19, 9:27AM EDT0

How much is your crowdfunding goal?

Oct 18, 8:01PM EDT0

$4,500. This is actually lower than my goals in the past for these issues. $3,000 for artwork, coloring, and lettering, $1,500 for printing, and $500 for shipping, which is coming from donations to the project prior to the campaign.

Oct 19, 9:26AM EDT0

Do you prefer comic or graphic novel to describe your book?

Oct 18, 7:28PM EDT0

Comic is more accurate. I will consider Alter-Life more of a graphic novel once it is complete and being sold as a full book. If it's going issue by issue, you gotta consider it a comic.

Oct 19, 9:25AM EDT0

What comics inspire your work most?

Oct 18, 2:41PM EDT0

Alan Moore's "Watchmen" is the book that made be believe I could write comics. It opened my eyes to what the medium could be. Some others that have inspired me are  "100 Bullets" "The Walking Dead" and pretty much anything by Frank Miller.

Oct 19, 9:23AM EDT0

How long did you have this idea before acting on it?

Oct 18, 11:04AM EDT0

I've been toying around with this idea for over a decade!

Oct 19, 9:21AM EDT0

Do you have a website?

Oct 18, 8:15AM EDT0

Yes! You can find all of my info at www.villagecomicbooks.com

Oct 19, 9:20AM EDT0

Do you plan to make any video games in the future?

Oct 17, 11:43AM EDT0

That would be a fun idea, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. I'm still trying to get a grasp on the Comic Book world.

Oct 19, 9:20AM EDT0

Did you go to art school? Did you self-publish the other 3?

Oct 17, 10:43AM EDT0

I went to school contentrating on writing and writing for film, but my ideas are too big for independent film budgets, so I decided to bring them to comics instead! All of my comics are currently self-published.

Oct 19, 9:18AM EDT0

Do you have plans for other comics as well?

Oct 17, 10:33AM EDT0

Yes! I have a number of projects in the works including a WWII Ghost story, a Childrens Board Book/Comic, and the Continuation of my Buddy/Roadtrip/Zombie/Superhero series, ZED. You can find more info at villagecomicbooks.com and at patreon.com/villagecomics

Oct 19, 9:17AM EDT0

How long do you think your current comic will last?

Oct 16, 10:44PM EDT0

This is a 5 part series. We are currently funding issue 4.

Oct 19, 9:17AM EDT0

Do you draw the comic and write the stories yourself?

Oct 16, 7:29PM EDT0

I am just the writer/creator. I work with a number of artists depending on the stlye I'm looking for in my story.

Oct 19, 9:16AM EDT0

What was the inspiration behind this comic?

Oct 16, 12:36PM EDT0

I was on a trip overseas with my Dad when I was 18 and had a weird thought (or vision) about death. I thought, what would happen is I died right now? I even envisioned how I would die. The precise moment... Then, I thought. What if I DID actually die, but my mind or my conciousness is living on in an alternate reality, an alternate version of my reality. 

I promise I was wasn't on drugs! It was just a strange thought that came to me, and has lingered with me ever since. I toyed with writing it as a screenplay and then a teleplay, but finally chose to write it as a comic book.

Last edited @ Oct 16, 12:50PM EDT.
Oct 16, 12:49PM EDT0

Hello Caleb, Do you have plans for other comics as well?

Oct 16, 10:59AM EDT0

Yes! I have a number of projects in the works including a WWII Ghost story, a Childrens Board Book/Comic, and the Continuation of my Buddy/Roadtrip/Zombie/Superhero series, ZED. You can find more info at villagecomicbooks.com and at patreon.com/villagecomics

Oct 16, 11:20AM EDT0