I am a writer/creator of a new fantasy/mystery webcomic called "Quinntessence" currently funding on Kickstarter. Ask me anything about it!

Nov 11, 2017

Hi there. My name is Lady Pixel Heart. I'm a professional freelance artist with 6+ years of experience making art. I draw mostly monthly commissions for people of their ocs, fanart, and sometimes my own characters. I recently started a Kickstarter for my webcomic "Quinntessence." 

Quinntessence is a webcomic about a magical detective named "Quinn Tillion" who solves murder mysteries. The first 2 chapters of this story are to establish the characters and cover Quinn's first murder mystery. 

The story starts on Halloween night where Quinn and her friend Harriet are invited to a masquerade. Shortly after arriving to the masquerade though a murder occurs. Being the only person with expertise on murder mysteries Quinn takes it upon herself to find the culprit (also she really like detective stories, lol).

You can read more information about the comic here on the page for the Kickstarter (which is already over halfway funded!!): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ladypixelheart/quinntessence-chapters-1-2

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What challenges have you faced so far ? 

Nov 11, 7:08PM EST0

The biggest challenge I've faced so far is having enough time to work on the wbcomic. Hopefully with the completion of the Kickstarter I'll have more time to work on it.

Nov 11, 7:29PM EST0

How much time do you spend on an average commission? On a note related to your comic how much time do you spend on each page?

Nov 11, 1:19PM EST0

Most of my commissions can take me 2-3 days to complete due to having an additional part-time job, family, friends, etc. Each page of my webcomic took me about 4-5 days each to create when I made the first 3 pages, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to produce it much faster for the next pages now that I know what I'm doing. 

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Nov 11, 6:48PM EST0

How long did it take you to create your comic book Quintessence?

Nov 9, 9:24AM EST0

As of right now Quinntessence is only a webcomic, but someday it may become a printed comic book. I've been writing the story for the comic since October 2016 and I'm already writing the 3rd volume as I type this. As far as comic pages I only have 3 pages produced at this point but I will be working on more at my own expense this month. 

Nov 9, 11:01PM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 9, 5:48AM EST0

I've moved around a lot during my lifetime, but currently I reside in Nebraska!

Nov 9, 8:57AM EST0

Are you going to sell your comics on line?

Nov 9, 5:23AM EST0

Currently my plan is to produce my webcomic online with backing from Patreon supporters and the funds earned from Kickstarter. If the webcomic is successful enough I will more than likely try to get it published and sold online in the future. So the short answer is : eventually, yes.

Nov 9, 9:00AM EST0

What is your all time favorite comic?

Nov 9, 1:08AM EST0

Growing up I was always inspired by the Card Captor Sakura manga series. I love the artwork and have an artbook that I keep near my work desk for inspiration.

Nov 9, 9:13AM EST0

Do you think young generations are interested in comic books?

Nov 8, 2:47PM EST0

I know plenty of young people who love comics! Comics aren't really geared towards any certain age. Young people, old people, etc. Everyone likes comics!

Nov 8, 11:38PM EST0

Do you have other comics?

Nov 8, 11:18AM EST0

At the moment? No. However, someday I hope to have a least 2-3 series completed.

Nov 8, 11:37PM EST0

How long have you worked with comic books?

Nov 8, 10:58AM EST0

I'm relatively new to comics. I used to doodle my own comics when I was younger, but this is the first time I've applied myself to them.

Nov 8, 11:37PM EST0

Are comic books easy to find at convienience stores?

Nov 8, 10:01AM EST0

You don't really find comic books in convienence stores in my area. Other than comic stores they are sold in grocery stores or supermarkets.

Nov 8, 11:36PM EST0

What has been your worst experience with freelancing?

Nov 8, 3:35AM EST0

Most of my experience with freelancing has been positive. I think the only time I've had any difficulty was one occurance where I had a client demand a refund from me after work was already completely. The client and their boyfriend both harrassed me for a week, but luckily my Terms of Service states I don't refund completed work so the claim with Paypal was dropped.

Nov 8, 3:54AM EST0

What do you think is the key to comic book success?

Nov 8, 1:21AM EST0

I'm not sure because I'm new to the comic book business, but from what I've seen most sucessful comics have a good story and characters.

Nov 8, 4:14AM EST0

Are these comic books for children?

Nov 7, 8:43PM EST1

I would say the age range for my webcomic is young adult due to mild graphic violence. It's a murder mystery series after all.

Nov 8, 4:16AM EST0

What themes do you pursuit?

Nov 7, 8:34PM EST1

Quinntessence is going to be a mystery webcomic series with themes of suspense, romance, and light comedy.

Nov 8, 4:17AM EST0

Are your comic books in stores in your country?

Nov 7, 4:58PM EST0

For now it's going to be exclusively a webcomic online, but someday I hope to have it printed as well.

Nov 8, 4:18AM EST0

How old were you when you started writing?

Nov 7, 3:46PM EST0

I've been writing stories since I was 12 years old, but I never really stayed with one project until I started writing Quinntessence.

Nov 8, 4:19AM EST0

Which is your favorite animation movie?

Nov 7, 3:40PM EST0

Oh gosh that's hard to choose. I really love and enjoy animation. If I had to pick 3 of my favorites I would have to say Goofy Movie, Wall-E, and Prince of Egypt.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 4:25AM EST.
Nov 8, 4:23AM EST0

How long have you been a freelancer?

Nov 7, 3:20PM EST0

I've been a freelance artist for about 6 years now. I started out by working on Illustrations for a coloring book website who contacted me at random through deviantArt.

Nov 8, 3:51AM EST0

How did you come up with the caracters?

Nov 7, 1:36PM EST1

I was inspired by people I've met in real life as well as various other characters from series I already love and enjoy.

Nov 8, 4:27AM EST0

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Nov 7, 1:29PM EST1

My plan for the future right now is to get Quinntessence made into a successful series and then be hired a storyboarder for cartoons. I've always wanted to get my own cartoon series on television so I'm hoping my experience with this project will lead me there.

Nov 8, 4:29AM EST0
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