I am Abraham Herrera, I'm a professional Graphic Designer and freelance Illustrator, currently working on my first comicbook called Deadly Rock. Ask me anything about the incredible process to create indie comics and anything you might be curious about...

Abraham Herrera
Nov 3, 2017

Creating a comicbook it's an incredible journey, from develop the characters to make the story interesting for the readers, I got the idea of Deadly Rock 3 yeas ago and bealiave it is an  incredivle adventure, is still a work in progess proyect but It will be released early 2018, so go on and ask me anything you might be curious about ;)

Sinopsis: The story is set in hell, a world called Hellgrave and inspired by Rock, a world where only music matters, there is no religion, no rules, only Rock N'Roll.

 But Hellgrave is not the world that used to be years ago, now it is being ruled by an evil demon that tries to eradicate the music of this world annihilating all those who live in it, without salvation only remains to survive.

The plot takes a twist when Joan, a girl determined to avenge her people, embarks on a journey to end the evil forces once for all, but she will not be able to do it alone.  She meets Jimmi, a loser from earth who wants to be a greatest rockstar, who for some inexplicable reason, ends up in the world of Joan, she convinces him of the importance of saving Hellgrave and to achieve it they must join forces to form the greatest rock band of all! and put aside their differences and to learn from each other to be able to save the world in which they live.

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Do you use sites like upwork? What is your experience with them?

Nov 7, 3:46PM EST0

I haven't used upwork before, or any similar

Nov 9, 5:52PM EST0

What about this comic? I never heard about it

Nov 5, 9:02AM EST0

It's a project I have working on some years ago, the tentative release date is february 208

Nov 9, 5:54PM EST0

Wow , how long have you been into this ??

Nov 4, 8:20PM EDT0

I have working as a professional illustrator like 3-4 years ago, but illustrating since I was a kid

Nov 9, 5:55PM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 4, 9:44AM EDT0

Mexico, N.L. 

Nov 9, 5:56PM EST0

Did you take part in conceptualizing your comic book, apart from being the graphic designer?

Nov 3, 11:28PM EDT0

In fact I do, I think that is one of the advantages I have to be able to make eye-catching logo, know how to promote it in social networks and of course to know how to make eye-catching images so that it looks like something truly professional.

Nov 4, 1:50AM EDT0

Thanks, Abe!

Nov 4, 5:54AM EDT0

What themes do you pursuit?

Nov 3, 8:04PM EDT0

What’s an example of a project where you disagreed with the client’s feedback and how did you handle it?

Nov 3, 8:03PM EDT0

What’s your background?

Nov 3, 2:35PM EDT0

What are your favorite software products?

Nov 3, 1:09PM EDT0

Photoshop and Illustrator, I just love them :)

Nov 9, 5:57PM EST0

How many designs do you usually sketch before choosing one?

Nov 3, 11:53AM EDT0

The necessaries to get the idea I wanted, not a specific number but yes, a lot sketches before

Nov 9, 5:59PM EST0

How long have you worked with comic books?

Nov 3, 11:13AM EDT0

Like 3-4 years ago

Nov 9, 6:00PM EST0

How did you come up with the idea for Deadly Rock?

Nov 3, 11:08AM EDT0

Its very funny because I was in highschool and I wanted try to create random characters just yo improve my draw skill but I started to draw some cool characters so I gave them back story and suddendly I end up with Deadly Rock.

Nov 3, 7:41PM EDT0

Are you crowdfunding just this?

Nov 3, 10:25AM EDT0

Not for the moment but I hopes to do it very soon, so keep an eye on my social networks :)

Nov 3, 2:54PM EDT0

Are your comic books in stores in your country?

Nov 3, 9:45AM EDT0

Deadly Rock would be the first comic in which I work, it is still a work in progress but once launched of course it will be in stores :)

Nov 3, 2:49PM EDT0

Tell me about your experience working remotely. What do you feel is important to make sure the work gets done efficiently?

Nov 3, 4:44AM EDT0

As a freelancer, is normal working remotely and that makes it easier to work on more projects, the most important thing to carry them out efficiently is to have a lot of organization and have good communication with the client.

Nov 3, 2:47PM EDT0

What software do you use in completing your work?

Nov 3, 4:12AM EDT0

For my comic book I use Photoshop and Illustrator, as a Graphic Designer I mostly use Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Indesign.

Nov 3, 2:39PM EDT0

What inspires you the most when you create comic books?

Nov 3, 4:03AM EDT0

I think reading books, other comics, watching movies and knowing the reactions of people to the characters that inspires me a lot in creating stories and characters that people can related to.

Nov 3, 2:35PM EDT0

What kind of features would you like to see in existing software a decade hereafter?

Nov 3, 2:40AM EDT0

Do you think it is easy to create a character people will love?

Nov 2, 3:29PM EDT0

Not easy at all, it is always difficult not to fall into a cliché character, but of course you must create something that people can relate to and understand what they may be feeling, so you must create an original but always humanized character even if it is a alien.

Nov 3, 2:15PM EDT0

Let’s say you’re designing a new logo for our company. What would the process look like?

Nov 2, 11:18AM EDT1

In a very simple way, the first thing is to study the company, know the opportunities and weaknesses, know what it is that you want to communicate to the audience and then start to create brainstorming, playing with the ideas until you reach the final result.

Nov 3, 2:01PM EDT0
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