Looking to jump into some FUN adventures? Well sit back and get ready to experience a new Sci fi webcomic series! Get ready to experience: Blast off: Into the unknown! Ask Me Anything regarding this webcomic project of mine!

Denis Belair
Nov 13, 2017


Created by Denis Belair and Luc Sanschagrin, Blast off: Into the Unknown is a Sci-Fi comic series.

Set lightyears away, in an uncharted galaxy, exists life much like the one we know. Seemingly separate, though fatefully intertwined.

You can read for FREE all of the Blast Off comics right here: www.blastoffintotheunknown.com

(Also don't forget to spread the word and tell all your friends! - we're working hard on building up a fan base) 

Once you've taken a look at what our series has to offer, I welcome you to ask me anything regarding this project me and my team have been working hard on for the past year! #AMA #blastoffintotheunknown 

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Have you released your recent creation, yet?

Nov 16, 3:27AM EST0

Hi James, 

The Blast Off comics are printed on demand (you can always email us to arrange a purchase and delivery) and are available for purchase at conventions I visit.

The best news is though , everything is available on our website www.blastoffintotheunknown.com for free! 

you can ( and should ) also follow us on Facebook as we make annoucments every Saturday when new pages are released ! 

thanks for the question 

Nov 16, 11:47AM EST0

What is your vision with this comicbook?

Nov 12, 10:53AM EST0

Hi Adrian, It would be nice to score a multi-million dollar movie / franchise deal but realistically I'll settle for getting published once the series is ready!Until then it's all about building up the fan base & releasing some fun and original stories!

Thank you for the question

Last edited @ Nov 13, 7:17PM EST.
Nov 13, 6:58PM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 10, 5:33AM EST0

HI, I’m originally from Timmins, Ontario in the wonderful country of Canada. I now call Gatineau QC my home. 

Thanks for the question!


Nov 10, 3:17PM EST0

Can you describe your typical work routine?

Nov 10, 2:38AM EST0

Hi, On a week day (after my full time day job) I work (give or take) a few hours per evening at my peek. Then it depends what else I have planned on said evening. On a weekend, I wake up nice and early, brew myself a good full pot of coffee and get grinding. As the evening comes around, I usually take a peek in the beer fridge and enjoy some good IPAs to keep me going untill the late hours. 

Thanks for the question! 

Nov 10, 3:24PM EST0

Are comic books easy to find at convienience stores?

Nov 9, 11:20AM EST0

Hi Brittany, I don't think I've ever picked up a comic book from a convenience store. I always go to my local comic book shop for thing like that. They have much more knowledge and passion on the subject. I rather support a store that's directly linked to my field than a store that would simply "jack up" the prices.  

Thank you for your question!

Nov 9, 3:14PM EST0

What’s the most important “big idea” that you’ve learned in life – in or out of comics – and why is it important?

Nov 9, 10:37AM EST0

Hi, The most important thing I've learned is to always keep on learning! (Sounds REAL cheesy I know - but it's true) 

For example, the first comic I've completely produced by myself. It looked pretty darn good at the end I realised there were many ways for me to improve for the next projects. I'm happy to say that from book to book (I think I'm at #6 now) I never made the same mistake two times. It's trial and error but being smart about it. 

Thank you for your question!

Nov 9, 3:54PM EST0

Who has had the biggest influence on your comics career, and how has that person changed your work?

Nov 9, 10:31AM EST0

Hi Shilpa,On a non-personal but creative standpoint, the creators of "teenage mutant ninja turtles" - Kevin Eastman & ‎Peter Laird have greatly inspired me to pursue my dreams of putting Blast Off: Into the Unknown on the map. It's all about keeping it fun - and that's what my series is all about.

On a more personal level though, my friends and (Luc Sanschagrin - co-creator of Blast Off) have influenced me quite a bit. From pitching around ideas and just having fun with it. Thank you for the question 

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Nov 13, 6:46PM EST0

What inspires you the most?

Nov 9, 9:28AM EST0

Hi Zack,I often use music to get inspired. I find that my artwork style can vary depending on the type of music I listen to. It's a fun way to get really creative! 

Thank you for your question!

Nov 13, 6:34PM EST0

When did you first decide that you wanted to create your own comics as a career?

Nov 9, 5:39AM EST0

Hi, My goal (ever since I could remember) was always to become a professional illustrator. Though, it wasn’t until 6 or so years ago I realised the only way for that to happen was for me to begin doing my own projects. Ever since then I've always had a project on the go. 

Thank you for your question!

Nov 9, 1:52PM EST0

What tools do you use to create comics and what makes them the “right tools” for you?

Nov 9, 5:26AM EST0

Hi, when I work on my projects I always use the Adobe products. 

Photoshop for illustrating, Illustrator for text / font modification & InDesign to assemble the entire piece together. It's got everything under one roof and is all I would recommend for anyone looking to do a similar project.

Thank you for the question! 

(Adobe, if you read this, Give me free stuff :)) 


Nov 9, 1:50PM EST1

What element of your work gives you the most personal satisfaction?

Nov 9, 5:13AM EST0

Hi, The most satisfactory part of creating comics is firstly, completing the projects! (especially after all the many hundred of hours i spend creating them!) and secondly having other people (my wonderful fan base) enjoy reading them as much as I do!

Thank you for your question

Nov 13, 6:20PM EST0

Are you going to sell your comics on line?

Nov 9, 1:53AM EST0


The Blast Off comics will (one day) be available online for purchase. (In both digital and hard copy format).

Until then, you can view them for FREE at: www.blastoffintotheunknown.com

That's right! All stories are currently completely free! and even better, new pages for ongoing stories are uploaded every Saturday!  

Hope you visit our website and give us a like on Facebook if you want to stay up to date with all our awesome concept art and exciting news! 

Thank you for the question 

Nov 9, 10:35AM EST0

Who has had the biggest influence on you outside the comics industry, and how did they affect your life?

Nov 9, 1:10AM EST0

Hi Joseph,

The biggest influence for myself on a personal standpoint has to be my close friends & family.  It always helps to have people share their opinion and various perspectives. 

Thanks for the question

Nov 9, 1:45PM EST0

What do you do to recharge your creative batteries?

Nov 8, 11:41PM EST0


Creativity is a very complicated beast. It's not something one can force upon him/her-self. To have the best ideas, the ideas must come in an organic flow. (At least in my experience) 

When I find myself in a creative "slump". I stop what I’m doing and take a short break. Seeing as I write, draw and also do my own web marketing, there's always something I can do to advance the overall project. 

I also find that playing some musical instruments is a great way to change my ideas around - it's meditation for me.  

Thank you for your question! 


Nov 9, 10:56AM EST0

Do you think young generations are interested in comic books?

Nov 8, 6:36PM EST0

Hi Hanah,

I do believe that younger generations are interested in comics. Especially in todays age. The Comic industry and everything "Geek" related is much more mainstream than ever. 

It's a good time to get into comics and an even better time to get into Blast off: Into the Unknown! 

Thank you for your question! 

Nov 9, 10:38AM EST0

We’ve all met very talented newcomers who are trying to get their first professional projects. What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard given to a promising new creator?

Nov 8, 6:16PM EST0

Hi John,

The most important advice I can recommend, is giving yourself an end goal in mind.

Long before I started working on my full comic projects, I've always wanted to make illustrations for books and I tried many times. Unfortunately until I sat myself down to go through all the required steps to help me complete a project, I was not successful.

A reason for this was often a lack of motivation. Without having the end goal in mind, I find it really easy to lose interest in a project. A good end goal can be something simple like giving yourself a deadline. 

Another piece of advice, is to look up the proper techniques / methods to write a script and how to layout your frames to tell a story that has a good flow. 

Everything I learnt regarding comics making (writing, planning and illustrating) all come from trial and error and paying attention at other professional comics.

Thank you for the question


Nov 9, 10:23AM EST0

How did you come up with the caracters?

Nov 8, 4:28PM EST0

Hi Tamara,

The first step to creating relevant characters is having a story to tell. Once I have a good feel on an idea for a story, I create the characters that I need to properly tell said story.

Every character should have a purpose (even if it's a very minimal thing) but it's important that they evolve with the narrative. To add more details on the characters, it’s all about seeing them as actual people with their own individual values and ways of interacting with the people and the world that surround them.

It also helps to make them look unique.

Thanks for the question

Nov 9, 10:09AM EST0

Do you have other comics?

Nov 8, 2:47PM EST0

Hi Giada,

I have two other comic series I've developed before jumping into Blast off: ITU.

The first was Creature Feature. This was a horror anthology series that was inspired by shows like “goosebumps” and “twilight zone”. The concept was to make each book a standalone. I don’t think I’ll be returning to this series – though I will definitely be creating more horror genre comics in the future!

My second series was Hard Rock: the true story of the first rock band. This comedy series followed the first Rock band (the band mates were cavemen). These comics originally started as comic strips (almost 7 years ago). When I decided to get into full comic productions I thought these characters would work perfectly with a full story. The type of humor was definitely for a mature audience as these cavemen had a very vulgar vocabulary.    

Each of the two series currently have two issues each. I will be continuing the Hard Rock series hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thank you for the question 

Nov 8, 3:42PM EST1

What has been the most rewarding project in your professional career – in or out of comics – and why?

Nov 8, 2:31PM EST1

Hi Diana,

The most rewarding moment in my comic book career was when I first held the very first printed copy of Creature Feature #1. (My first book)

Even though the quality of my work has greatly improved with each of my projects that came afterwards, the feeling of pure joy and excitement I felt when my first book was finally completed is unlike anything I can describe.

Thank you for the question!

Nov 8, 3:34PM EST0
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