My name is Michael Moreci, I'm a big ol' nerd who writes sci-fi and superhero comics (in addition to novels), and I give tutorials for aspiring writers. AMA!

Jun 5, 2018

Seriously, during this AMA, you can ask me anything. We can talk DC superheroes (I've written Superman, NIghtwing, The Flash, and have a bunch of other stuff coming), Star Wars (my lifelong passion), or writing in general. I'm here for you--let's talk about breaking in, let's talk about craft, let's talk about the nitty gritty of the writing world. I published my first comic over a decade ago, and I've been lucky to stay in this game since, and I'm happy to share what I've learned (please tell me I've learned something, dear universe). 

So, let's talk!

If you want to check out a bit of who I am, it's easy. 

My website:

Me on the Twitter: @michaelmoreci

And you can watch the first of a new series of writing videos I'm doing: 

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Let's get started!

Have you read any of the Star Wars novels? If so, can you recommend someone new to them where to start?
Jun 8, 12:15AM EDT0
Where can one find the comics you have written?
Jun 7, 11:37PM EDT0
Which superhero is the most fun to write about?
Jun 7, 9:55PM EDT0
Can you describe what qualities do you value most about Superman as a character?
Jun 7, 3:59PM EDT0
What are your expectations on the upcoming Aquaman movie?
Jun 7, 2:20PM EDT0
What are your thoughts on the theory that Rey might be the daughter of Qi'Ra?
Jun 6, 2:46AM EDT0
Who is your favorite DC superhero and why?
Jun 5, 11:41PM EDT0
Why is DC failing so much with their movies (Wonder Woman the exception)?
Jun 5, 8:03AM EDT0

Hmmm...I can't say that I can answer this, because I like those movies. I think they're not as digestible as Marvel movies, but they're certainly more ambitious. Why they're not connecting with audiences in the same way...your guess is as good as mine. 

Jun 5, 10:54AM EDT0
How come is Darth Maul alive in Solo? Wasn’t he killed by Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace?
Jun 5, 6:43AM EDT0

Well, I don't want to spoil anything, but clearly Maul did survive. In fact, he has a really, really awesome story that plays out throughout the animated series The Clone Wars and continues into Rebels--I highly recommend watching both, not only for Maul's story but for terrific Star Wars stores. 

Jun 5, 9:54AM EDT0
The Last Jedi vs. The Force Awakens, what are the pros and cons of each? Which did you like the most?
Jun 5, 4:27AM EDT0

That's a really good question.  I think both are great movies and they both excel at what they're trying to do. The problem I find is that the stories do not work in concert with one another, and that's where a lot of fans are drawing so much consternation from. 

Like it or not, TFA established certain--and clear--expectations about how the franchise would be handled and where the characters were going. And for what it was--a nod to the past while moving a step into the future--it was marvelous. I love that movie. 

Then, TLJ came along and kinda underscored everything TFA told fans. TFA said to honor the past, TLJ said to kill it; TFA said certain things about characters were important, like Rey's parents and Snoke's backstory, and TLJ undercut both (let's face it--JJ Abrams is the master of the mystery box--tantalizing audiences with the promises of big reveals that sometimes occur, sometimes don't). Now, I'm nto saying the handling of these expectations warrant the fan rage we've seen over the past six months--far from it. But I do think the weakest part of these two films is the dissonance between them. 

Again, I love TFA for the way it honors the past and gave us great new (and diverse) characters. And I love TLJ for its messages of moving away from the past, learning from it, and growing. I do wish the movies work with each other better, rather than in opposition, but that quibble certainly has impacted my enjoyment of either film. 

Jun 5, 10:00AM EDT0

Here is another Star Wars fan! If you could go back in time what would be the best advice you could give yourself about the industry, something you leartn yourself by experience and could have really helped back then?

May 30, 4:14PM EDT0
Do you write out the story first before channelling it into comic form?
May 15, 11:35PM EDT0

Yes and no. I mean, I'm big into outlining work before I sit down to write--comics and novels--so there's that component. I don't necessariily write out the story itself, but it does exist in some form. I'm a plotter--meaning I plot things out before writing. Those pansters--writers who go by the seat of their pants--have my admiration, but I could never, ever do it that way. 

Jun 5, 12:57PM EDT0
Have you ever felt that comic script writing is more rigid and less flexible than writing scripts for film or television?
May 15, 7:15PM EDT0

I'm not entirely sure, TBH. I've never written a screenpaly, so it's hard for me to say. Knowing what I know, both have their freedoms and restriction. Comic writing might be a little more rigid because you have to give step by step directions for the art (though suggestions is more like it, because I believe artists should have creative autonomy), and that doesn't exist in screenplays. But then again, with comic writing, what you write is pretty certain to end up on the page. In screenwriting, there's no telling what is going to wind up on the screen based on what you wrote. 

Jun 5, 1:00PM EDT0
What do you think readers will be talking about most once they finish reading your Black Star Renegade.?
May 15, 9:09AM EDT0

Good question! My hope is that they walk away having felt like they experienced a fun, satisfying read. Heavy, especially, on the fun. You know, I feel like that word--fun--has become almost a dirty word, like it's not okay to just have fun and let loose. It's like the way comedies aren't taken as serious as dramatic presentations--being funny is hard. Very hard. And if you set out to make a funny movie and achieve that goal, that's quite an accomplishment. I set out, with Black Star Renegades, to write a book that's fun--that's enjoyable and moves at a brisk pace. Granted, there's some deeper, more nuanced things going on in the book as well--particularly with deconstructing the messiah complex--but first and foremost I wanted readers to have an escape, to go on a galactic journey and lose themselves in this world and its characters. 

Jun 5, 10:39AM EDT0
What are your all time favorite comics?
May 13, 2:19PM EDT0

Great question. Let's just go down the list, in no particular order...

-Claremont/Byrne X-Men

-Kirby's Fourth World

-Great Darkness Saga

-Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans

-Simonson Thor

-Moench/Jones Batman


-FEAR Agent


-Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four

-The Sixth Gun

-Black Hammer


And many more I'm sure I'm forgetting...

Jun 5, 10:53AM EDT0
Who gave you your first break in the comic book industry?
May 13, 10:20AM EDT0

Two people I owe my career to (well, I owe it to many who helped me along the way and still help to this day): Tim Seeley and Cullen Bunn. 

Cullen was kind to me many moons ago when I was a young nobody who knew nothing--he showed me the ropes and was so incredibly patient with me. I learned so much from Cullen, and I'll never repay his kindness. 

Similarly, Tim taught me so much, and he gave me my first big opportunity as a writer--he published Hoax Hunters, which would go on to become my first Image series, in the back of Hack/Slash. 

I'm lucky to call both friends to this day. And if you haven't read either Cullen or Tim, I highly recommend changing that--they're amazing writers. 

Jun 5, 10:42AM EDT0
What is an ending of a comic book that you'd wish you could change? What would you change it to?
May 12, 11:05PM EDT0
Do you draw your comics by hand or do you use a computer software? Which one do you prefer and why?
May 12, 3:08PM EDT0

I don't draw at all! I'm so bad, I think it's outlawed in all 50 states. 

Jun 5, 10:42AM EDT0

How do you feel about fans watching the movies and TV Shows of comic books before reading them (if ever)? Also why do you think Kids today reading more manga at the same age their parents and grandparents read tons of old Spider-Man, X-Men, or Batman comics?

May 12, 2:52PM EDT0
Do you ever feel creatively blocked? What do you do to unblock?
May 12, 11:29AM EDT0
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