New company Animation Comics & Entertainment LLC or A.C.E. with two new comics for the world to enjoy AMA!

Dwayne ShowTime Robinson
Jul 20, 2018

Hello my name is Dwayne Robinson Jr. and I am the owner of A. C. E. I created this company so that I could show my creativity in different formats that we all enjoy. I have two comics right now available called SALVATION and NIGHTFALL: MICHAEL'S AWAKENING with three more comics coming soon ICHI: WARRIOR OF DOOM, Krush Groove and Immortal


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What are some of the challenges you face as a comic writer?
Jul 21, 7:42PM EDT0

For me it's just really having to get use to writing in comic book format. Like panels crossing over to another or how panels should be on each page. 

Jul 22, 1:59AM EDT0
Do you have a team working with you or do you handle everything from the beginning to the end?
Jul 21, 6:52PM EDT0

I do have a team but I still handle majority of the work.

Jul 22, 2:01AM EDT0
Who were the masters you got inspiration for your art?
Jul 21, 7:00AM EDT0

I draw my inspiration from everything cartoons, anime, live action you name it.

Jul 22, 2:03AM EDT0
Why is SALVATION issue number 0 and NIGHTFALL: MICHAEL'S AWAKENING issue number 1, what were the reasons you starting each on different issue numbers?
Jul 21, 2:04AM EDT0

SALVATION is more of a process. Vahn's story has layers. 

NIGHTFALL MICHAEL'S AWAKENING story starts exactly when the reader starts which makes it more straightforward. 

Jul 22, 2:07AM EDT0
How your journey as a comic book artist started?
Jul 21, 12:47AM EDT0

I always had ideas and stories but Terence was the one who helped me put them into focus.

Jul 22, 2:09AM EDT0
Can you describe a bit your creative process while creating a comic?
Jul 20, 10:36PM EDT0

Also if you want to purchase the comics they're available on Amazon and more 



Jul 20, 1:34PM EDT0
How do you describe your daily routine?
Jul 20, 11:11AM EDT0

Writing about a new story or watching something that may inspire me.

Jul 20, 11:21AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on the opinion that comic books are considered to have less literary value than traditional novels?
Jul 20, 8:36AM EDT0

I disagree with that. I feel because comics have been around for a long time and it takes time to make a unique story. I think because it's mostly known for just making superheroes stories that could be the reason why people this way.

Jul 20, 11:20AM EDT0
What are the steps and process involved in developing the quality comics that you produce?
Jul 20, 4:39AM EDT0

I believe you use what have first but you want a different look then you have to search around for it 

Jul 20, 11:23AM EDT0
What innovations do you hope to see happen in the comic industry and what traditions do you hope remains intact in future?
Jul 20, 2:24AM EDT0

There are comics for mostly any kind of interest and honestly I want to always stay that way.

Jul 20, 3:08AM EDT0
Why have you chosen to develop a completely different tone for CRUSH GROOVE when compared to your other three comics?
Jul 19, 11:03PM EDT0

I don't want to be known as only writing for only one genre. I like to show a wider range so my company can be appealing to anyone. 

Jul 20, 3:05AM EDT0
What type of comic readers have you created CRUSH GROOVE for?
Jul 19, 8:06PM EDT0

It's for everyone really there's a lot pop culture references in the comic that are really easy to recognize but if I had to put an age group I would say 12 and up.

Jul 20, 3:01AM EDT1
How much of your own personality traits have permeated into your work?
Jul 19, 7:01PM EDT0

You know sometimes I don't intend on doing that but I think because I have such a wide range of personality mainly because of how I grew up it ends up that anyway. I hope that doesn't seem conceited lol

Jul 20, 2:57AM EDT0
What comic books did you read growing up and which of these has inspired you the most when creating your comics?
Jul 19, 5:25PM EDT0

Haha believe it or not Giancastro I didn't really read comic book as a kid.

Jul 20, 2:50AM EDT0
Are your comics only available in digital format and what does one have to go through if wanting to sell printed copies of their comics?
Jul 19, 9:45AM EDT0

No I have printed copies and what I do to sell them is to go to conventions and indie comic festival etc

Jul 20, 2:48AM EDT0
What challenges did you have to face and compromises have you had to make to get to where you are now?
Jul 19, 4:34AM EDT0

When it came to my first two comic books NIGHTFALL and SALVATION I had to shorten the pages and story to save money.

Jul 20, 2:45AM EDT0
What process do you follow to create characters and their personalities?
Jul 19, 4:30AM EDT0

Depending on the story and world.  I like to make characters that have a human personality with things that people can sometimes see in themselves good and bad.

Jul 20, 2:43AM EDT0
Movies created from books are sometimes judged for not keeping true to the book. Do you think the recent successful comic book movies are guilty of the same sin? What are your reasons for saying so?
Jul 19, 4:11AM EDT0

I do but the thing about that is the people that go to movies aren't always into comics. So I wouldn't mind if they change small things. Anything that is really important changing that would be a NO NO lol.

Jul 20, 2:41AM EDT0