The Toking DEAD comic series AMA Tobi and Duke fight for their lives, and their weed, in this hilarious action packed adventure.

ben bartlett
Dec 1, 2017

The comic series is based on two friends who open a dispensary after the legalization of medicinal marijuana was approved. A catastrophic event at a nearby facility flipped their world upside down when people began to turn into crazed, undead mutants. Duke and Tobi accidentally discover that their weed has a strange and unique effect on the zombies. The need for flesh has been replaced with a need for weed, and maybe a Twinkie or two. Follow their story as they try to save the world.

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What is Toking?

Dec 3, 3:58AM EST0

toking is slang for smoking marijuana

Dec 3, 7:00AM EST0

Is this your only series so far?

Dec 3, 3:58AM EST0

yes it is 

Dec 3, 6:59AM EST0

Any upcoming project after this comics?

Dec 2, 9:06PM EST0

Actually  the second comic has already been written and we are also in process of a possible book deal and cartoon spin off

Dec 3, 6:59AM EST0

Who inspired you to make comics?

Dec 1, 11:58PM EST0

Hi Katheryn, We just kind of transitioned into it. As the idea and story unfolded it seemed to be a natural flow into it. The idea actually started off as a cartoon idea but the comic seemed to be a natural fit.

Dec 2, 7:21AM EST0

Welcome to our live AMA comic feed. We are looking forward to hearing your questions, and thanks for joining in.

Dec 1, 6:08PM EST0

Who should you thank for the success of your campaign?

Dec 1, 12:47PM EST0

If you are reffering to the kickstarter and/or indiegogo campaigns we have no one to thank as of yet. We spent a lot of money on "marketing companies" and have seen no results so far, very diasappointing. Once the comic is released, with funding or not, we will be thanking all the people directly involved in getting this off the ground.

Dec 1, 5:54PM EST0

What is the purpose of your crowdfunding campaign?

Dec 1, 8:25AM EST0

To help offset our costs for this project mainly for the payment to the artist and the printer and also to allow people to pre order the comic and even possibly be part of it :)

Dec 1, 9:10AM EST0

Where's the inspiration from for the twist of the plot?

Nov 30, 10:24AM EST0

Great question  Carla

Both myself and my co-creator have been writting for years. Our inspirations come from many different areas of everyday life.  With this particular project we wanted to break away from the cliche of how zombies and medical marijuana where viewed. We believe the best way to educate people is first to make it entertaining and interesting for your audience. And second to just have fun with it. By combining two of the biggest things going we were able to do just that. If you would like you can follow the complete story line on our FB page

Nov 30, 11:20AM EST0

What is your best movie series of all time.

Nov 30, 7:39AM EST0

Honestly there are so many good movie series out now. but if i had to pick just one i would have to say the Alien series with Sigourney Weaver is at the top of the list 

Nov 30, 7:54AM EST0

What does "Toking" mean?

Nov 26, 10:01PM EST0

Toking is slang for smoking generally associated with marijuana 

Last edited @ Nov 28, 4:36PM EST.
Nov 27, 6:13AM EST0

Have you tried other crowdfunding sites or different crowdfunding activities?

Nov 26, 1:19PM EST0

Yes we have tried alot of different sites such as kickstarter--crowdfunding-go fund me etc the biggest problem we have found is that unless your willing to spend an absorbent amount money on marketing and promotions then its difficult for those sites to work 

Nov 26, 2:03PM EST0

Where do you base your storyline from?

Nov 26, 9:14AM EST0

My partner Jeff and I have been writing for years this story line was just something that happened by mistake lol. After seeing the out reach for medicianal marijuana we came up with the idea to educate through adult humor using zombies as the patient's. The story line itself is compiled from bits and pieces of our lives and the lives of people we know. You can read and follow the complete story on our FB page

Nov 26, 9:25AM EST0

You can follow the storyline on our FB page

Nov 26, 7:39AM EST0

Nov 26, 8:51AM EST0

How many comic books are in the series?

Nov 26, 7:38AM EST0

As of now this is the first issue to be released.. But with a story line such as this we are in the works for many more to follow. We will continue to write and produce the series as long as wonderful people such as yourself have an interest in what we are doing. You can follow the story line and progression on our FB page

Nov 26, 7:43AM EST0

If you fail to gather the desired amount from crowdfunding, what's else can you do to make up for the lack?

Nov 26, 5:44AM EST0

There are a few things that can be tried. 1. you can pitch the idea to private investors. 2. you can offer advertisement's in the project for a small fee. Ask friends and family to help spread the word and or support the project. The biggest key is to do the research and get all the numbers together for the project before launching any campaigns. Always have a back up plan just in case crowdfunding doesn't work .You dont want to offer something if it cant be delivered 

Nov 26, 7:36AM EST0

If you will reach the desired amount for the campaign, what's next?

Nov 26, 4:46AM EST0

Well if we reach the desired amount or not the comic will still progress forward. We have follow up issues already in the works as we believe this story can go on for sometime to come. We launched the campaign soley to allow others to reserve copies of the comic and to have a chance at some really cool perks such as cameo apperances and merchandise. We are also touching on the idea of a cartoon series and possibly a book deal. 

Nov 26, 7:26AM EST0

What good lessons have you learned from the experience?

Nov 26, 2:18AM EST0

Very good question. This being the first time we have jumped into a project like this we have learned alot of very good lessons. One of the best lessons we have learned is how to use all social media outlets at our disposal for marketing & promoting this project. 

Nov 26, 7:20AM EST0

Are you planning to create another series like this?

Nov 26, 12:47AM EST0

As of now we are concentrating soley on The Toking DEAD series as it can continue for quit sometime book 2 is already being written But you never know we may have a few spin offs :)

Nov 26, 7:13AM EST0

You can follow the complete story line and progress of the comic on our FB page

Nov 26, 7:49AM EST0

Who are you working with to complete the series?

Nov 25, 5:30PM EST0

The Toking DEAD team is compiled of myself and my business partner Jeff Homan we are the creators-writers. Eric Yep of D.E.D Monkey as our artist and a local printing company that gave us one hell of a deal on printing the comics 

Nov 25, 5:44PM EST0

D.E.D Monkey 

Nov 25, 5:45PM EST0

How did you come up with the idea for this comic? It's not a typical story, I must say, but sounds very interesting!

Nov 25, 5:26PM EST0

it started 30 yrs ago when my business partner and i had a tee shirt business based on the many uses of the hemp plant and all the medicinal properties it holds. We decided to venture into the comic book world about a year ago while out having drinks with our wives.  which was about the time medical marijuana started becoming legal in the states. So jokingly we put that with one of the biggest things going Zombies.  Absolutly nothing about this comic is typical it will be rated NC-17 for adult humor  with a base storyline to educate the many uses in todays world. If your interested you can follow the complete story line on our FB page The Toking DEAD where the comic is being compiled from and thank you for your interest in our project.

Nov 25, 5:38PM EST0
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