This AMA is all about "How to write, layout, pencil, ink, color, print and publish, and market a comic book by Monolith Comics' Theodore Riddle"

Feb 2, 2018

In this AMA you will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about how to create a comic book or graphic novel from writing and illustrating all the way to the finished printed piece. Then learn how to market your product in the most cost-effective way possible. You will be able to draw upon my twenty years of experience in the field and be given visual aids in the AMA itself. Plus you will be given links to professionals sites and tutorials already in the field to further expand your knowledge long after this AMA has concluded. If this is your dream to become a published comic book artist don't miss this AMA. If you wish to view my website to look at my experience you can view it here at www.monolithcomics.com. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn more about this lucrative field. Thank you, Theodore Riddle

T.Riddle says:

This AMA will end Feb 9, 2018 6PM EST

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Do you also work on digital format of comics for phones and tablets?

Feb 9, 1:17PM EST0

HERMAJANI, That looks like it is going t be something that is going to be happening on a world wide level very soon on every device possible. Please just be patient a little longer. Thanks for asking. Kindest regrads, Theodore Riddle 

Feb 9, 2:11PM EST0

What exactly does the Monolith Comics editor-in-chief do?

Feb 9, 6:51AM EST0

PIMARK, well that would be me. I do everything. I am a one man armry to this date. I will hopeflly be alble to hire a colorist soon. My wife makes sure I don't have any typos in my books, so she is basically the Copy Editor. Thanks for asking. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 9, 2:08PM EST0

How long is the process of getting your comic book published by Monolith Comics?

Feb 9, 3:50AM EST0

It takes a total of six months to do a 64 page grapic novel from the concept, to the pencils, inks, lettered, colored peice, then uploading it to the book publisher. Plus all the other self advertising and Social Media and business things I have to attend to. Thanks for asking. Kindest  regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 9, 2:04PM EST0

Name some of the best online illustration tools that are ideal for the beginners?

Feb 6, 2:33PM EST0

MONALISA. I know I have learned how to use the computer and the many programs it requires me to know to do my job by simply watching YouTube videos, I learned how to do my own website, learned out to color comics that way, etc, all from tutitorials. Just do a websearch for any topic you need.

Here is a link to Jimmy Reyes site that may help you if you are interested in learning how to ink a comic page. He is an incredible inker Here is the link: jimmyreyes.deviantart.com

And other website for getting help with Coloring from a professional in the field is K. Micael Russell's website: learn.comiccolor.com

Plus a Google search on anything you want will bring up any number of "How to Videos" for free. Like I said I wouldn't even how to use a computer without them. I am all self-taught when it comes to that. The drawing and writing is an innate part of me. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 8, 9:10PM EST0

Do you think a beginner can learn all about the books and publishing by himself/herself? Or some kind of education could help?

Feb 6, 2:04PM EST0

DIAZGA, There is just so much to learn about this field that it's almost impossible to do it all by yourself. If you can't afford to go to an artschool, then try to get a Mentor in the field at least. What you need to know to be successful is astronomical. Good luck and thanks for asking. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle.

Feb 8, 8:31PM EST0

Who are the most overrated writers and artists in comics? What is do you think is also special about their comic presentation?

Feb 5, 6:30AM EST0

FELIPENG, first of all I'm not going to put down another artist or writer's work in this field. If you knew how much hard work it is you wouldn't do it either. Happy comic reading. Read what you, like. Then learn to appreciate eveyone else's hard work. Thank, Theodore Riddle

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Feb 8, 8:26PM EST0

In comic writing who do you think is more important, the writer or the artist?

Feb 5, 3:55AM EST0

VALERIIA, I really belive both the artist and writer a equally important in part of any comic book or graphic novel. It's kind of like having your favor sandwich on the wrong kind of bread. It doesn't taste so good now, does it? Thanks for asking and kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 8, 8:20PM EST0

When did you first decide that you wanted to create your own comics as a career?

Feb 3, 9:48PM EST0

BEARTIME, I knew I was going to do this from the age of twelve. It was just a long road to get here. LOL! Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 5, 11:29AM EST0

Why were comic book artists in the 80s and 90s paid so much more than they are now?

Feb 3, 9:27PM EST0

KJENK28, because in the 80's and 90's Comic books were actually bringing in money for the Comic Companies. Now what's really bring in the money is the movies, toys, and merchandise. Comic books are just the little flyers that advertise the bigger making money projects. That is a very good question. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 8, 9:15PM EST0

What has been the most rewarding project in your professional career – in or out of comics – and why?

Feb 3, 4:46PM EST0

STELLA MARIS C. BANGIS, the most reward project of everything I done in my professinal carrer, advertising, freelance artwork, working for magazines, has been self publishing Compu-M.E.C.H.®, because I am doing what I've always dreamed of doing and it is succesful. I control everything, the rights to my characters, even the way I want to write and draw. I don't have anyone telling me I can't draw or write something the way I don't want to. It will be me that benfits from all my hard work and not someone esle. Yes, I need someone to distrubute my products so I can make money, but I'm the one who says what terms I agree to. 

The creators of Superman never got to see anything more than one hundred dollars from their creations in their lifetime and another company is reaping all the benefits of their concept. This is the only way to fly. Thanks for asking. Best wishes, Theodore Riddle

Feb 5, 11:27AM EST0

We have all met very talented newcomers who are trying to get their first professional projects. What is the best advice you have for promising new creators?

Feb 3, 1:44PM EST0

CAITLYN BURKE, that is a very huge question. The first and foremost answer is you really have to want this and to never give up. I have a personal quote on my website that says "If you have a dream in this world you should try to go for it. There is no gaurentee to you succeed, but you will have already failed if you don't even try."

As for the rest of the answer to you question, this is a monumental endeavor. I have only learned my lessons the hard way. However, if anyone has a Facebook account look for a group I run entitled "Learn How to Make Money Publishing Comics by Monolith Comics" You will find out a lot of helpful information about what is available to the cartoonist that wasn't available in my earlier days and with the advancement of the Computer Age and Technology. No one will be turned down that wishes to join the group.

I hope that helps. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 8, 9:42PM EST0

Who has had the biggest influence on you outside the comics industry, and how did they affect your life?

Feb 3, 11:13AM EST0

KATHRYN.SANTO98, That is a very personal quesion. One I will chose not to answer. But I can tell you there are many people in my life that have helped me to grow as a person. Take care and best wishes, Theodore Riddle

Feb 5, 10:42AM EST0

What element of your work gives you the most personal satisfaction and why?

Feb 3, 1:05AM EST1

The two single most pleasureable acspects of my work are writing the stories and penciling them. To me that is the most creative and funnest part of the process. The inking, lettering, coloring and promoting my art is just plain hard work. I sometimes I wish I cold just sit around all day and just write and draw. Then have someone else do the rest for me. Maybe someday I will be able to afford that, but I will probably continue to do my own inking because inkers can turn your hard work into something you don't want unless they follow it line by line. If I ever hired an inker he or she would have to do eactly that. Thanks for your interest and have a great week. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 5, 10:38AM EST0

In what way do you think comic stories are about life? How can comic stories sometimes be better at this than other genres (if so, why)?

Feb 2, 7:42PM EST0

The way I write my comic stories, they are all about life, the times we live in, what might happen in the furture, new scientific discoveries and the way people will deal with these things. Even the way a persons facail exspression is drawn tells a story.

Comics (Narrative art) has been believe it or not the longest form of artwork know to mankind. From the drawings found on cave walls by cavemen, to Egyptian art, all the way to Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. These are all forms of narrative art, which remain to this day in comics and graphic novels and will continue until mankind no longer exsisits.

The way comics and narative art can be better than other genres, is that each artist has a special way to draw his or her own style to get there story or point accross. The combinations are endless as individual as each person or artist. So there will always be something new to look at and never ending, whether it's graffiti art done on the side of a building or on a computer screen.

Feb 5, 10:19AM EST0

As you got older, how did you cultivate your own art style? Did you pattern yourself after anyone?

Feb 2, 5:24PM EST0

CARLONIEYOUNGG, it was the reverse way around. In the beginning of my career. I emulated the artist's I liked most. Mostly the Image style of drawing from the 1990's. It wasn't until my later years that I branched out and formulated a style of my own. One that when people look at it says this was done by Theodore Riddle. I have attached some samples of my Earlier Artwork and my Present Day Artwork.

The way I cultivated my own style was by drawing over and over again until I found something that was more acceptable and better drawn than before. My artwork will probably constantly evolve throughout the years as I continue to get better.

Earlier Arwork:

Present Artwork:

I hope this answers your question. Thanks for asking and have a great week. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 5, 9:56AM EST0

On your website we do see a lot of other exciting products but still limited within US, how about for international buyers,is this still not possible?What are your future plans?

Jan 20, 8:56AM EST0

IANA, my graphic novels are all available all throughout Europe and UK. You  just have to go to that country's website for amazon.com. I am slowly adding the amazon.com links to each country they are available in. I have well over 27 graphic novel on my site. My work load is so heavey I can only do so many links a day. Compu-M.EC.H. Issue #1 (Full Color Edition) and Compu-M.EC.H. Issue #2 (Full Color Editon) already have all the amazon.com links already on them. They are not available in every country. The other reason is shipping is so exspensive with exsports these day and customs people wouldn't even be able to afford the shipping to there designated country and they would have to wait 3 months to get their order. It woud cost twice the amount of the actual product. Some of the other products like my Toys and T-Shirts have the same reason. I have produced them all by myself. I've had the  T-Shirts and Toys made myself. To ship them right now with the USA's requirements for oversea shipping it's almost impossible for me to do it and the buyer would not be satisfied. 

I am currently working on getting someone to licence my products so I can get my products to more people. Inturn I will make a lot more money. But getting someone to license your product is a very hard thing to do. I have over 30 Toys already with made up and of carved out of wood for demos. I just need someone like Hasbro Toys or Disney to take me on. Or even someone inbetween that is willing to take a risk on my product. Keep watching my site, I am currently working on hooking up with someone to do the T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs. I am hope to do that by the end of February this year. Thanks for asking and I sorry I can't provide better service at this time. But do try amazon.com in the country of your origin and do a key word search under (Books) for my full name "Theodore Raymond Riddle" and  you will see all my graphic novels and get them for a lot less money than ordering directly from me. Thanks for asking. Kindest regards!

Jan 20, 7:43PM EST0

Since I last answered this question my other products and many more will be availalbe world wide. I have made some deals that have made this to come to pass. Keep watcing my website and of the Social Media for all of the these annoucements at my website: www.monolithcomics.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/MonolithComics and Twitter: @TheodoreRiddle. in the coming weeks. Thanks for being so patient while these contracts go through. Thanks for asking. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Feb 5, 10:28AM EST0

How long does it usually take for you to finish a 44-page graphic novel? Can you walk us through the process from conceptualizing down to printing?

Jan 19, 3:18PM EST0

ELAINEO, I wish it were easy to explain, but I will try my best to do so. When I come up with a story it is done in matter of seconds, and I have so many stories in my head I'll never live long enough to write and draw them all. The next part of the project is to layout the entire 128 page graphic novels and that takes about 3 days of straight work 18 hours a day. First of all I only used to only print black and white 128 page graphic novels. I was able to publish 3 books a year that was working 18 hour days and penciling and inking a page and a 1/2 day. While I was doing that, during the day I would spend about 2 to 3 hours on the computer marketing my products. You can draw all you want, but if you don't sell them you're not going to make a living. Once and issue was penciled and inked, I woud go get copies to which took about 4 hours at Staples on their copier. Then I would have to come home and Scan all the pages. Now you can only scan pages for so many hours before you go insane. So when I got tired of that, I would start to layout the next book. After five days of going back and forth with this process. The next book would be layed out and the 128 page book would be scanned. Now lettering a 128 page book is a big job it usually took me three weeks to do it. Meanwhile once again you can only spend so much time on the computer lettering before you go crazy. So while I was doing that I would start to pencil and ink the next book. In three weeks time the book whould be lettered and I would have 31.5 pages of the next book already finished. Now to publish the book you have to go into photoshop and resize all the pages to the same width. That always has to be the constant factor to all the pages. With that done you save each file as a JPG and then convert it to an EPS file. Once you've done all 128 pages which take about 2 weeks. I was still working on penciling and inking and the next book. Then another 21 pages was done for a total of 56.5 pages now finished pencils and inks. Then came the easy part of publishing the book. I would open the Adobe Distiller a drag each image from the Finder into the Distiller and it converts it into a condensed PDF file so that I would be able to print it under the maximum amount of Megabites allow per book on createspace.com. Once this was done, which I could do in obout 2 hours. I whoud then take each page and use Adobe Acrobat Pro and one by one upload each page into that pragram to create an entire readable file for the creatspace.com system. That would take me a 24 hour day up all day and all night. When I got up 4 hours later I would upload the entire book onto the createspace.com which took about 6 hours to do. If you wish to see how that entire process I just describe in done and you have a Facebook account, look for a group called "Learn How to Make Money Publishing a Comics by Monolith Comics" and join the group. That group describes the entire process in great detail.

Meanwhile during all the draw and inking of the book, I would have to paint a cover for the book. I use full color acrylic paintings for my covers. While I was working on the book every other two days or so I would work on painting an new cover. By the end of the 3 months I had finished the cover. Then in Photoshop I had added the logos titled and all the copy to the cover.

Once everything was loaded up to createspace. They usually took 24 hours to get back to me to see if my files were correct. They always were. I would order the proof of the book, just to make sure it was perfect. That took about a week to arrive in the mail during the that week I was able to pencil and ink 2 pages a day. Now I had 66.5 pages finished of the next book and would continue the process all over again.

Now things are different. I have 27 black and white graphic novels finished. I am coverting all my graphic novels into full color. I am able to color 4 pages a week and I divide each book into 42 pages with two opening pages which are pretty much alway the same except for the copy for a total of 44 pages. That process takes 13 weeks at 10 hour days 7 days a week. In the mean time during the week I am only able to draw and ink two pages. So my black and white book are now going to be 64 pages long and will sell for less but my profit will still be the same because they will cost me less to print per book. I will be publishing two 64 page black and white graphic novles a year to keep the series going while working on coloring the books I already have at the rate of four/44 page books a year. In the meantime doing all the new covers for each book becasue each 128 page  will be divided into 3 different books so I will need to do 3 addtional covers every year. 

All the while I am doing this I have to cotinue to market my books on the computer throught social media 3 to 4 hours a day and keep trying to live the dream. Thanks for asking. Kindest regard, Theodore Riddle 

P.S. I've attached some illstrations of the process for you to see it in action:




My color files are to big or this system to handle, sorry.


Take care. I hope this helps. Best wishes!

Jan 29, 7:51AM EST0

The video on your site doesn't seem to work, anyway, is there any other link we can check?

Jan 19, 9:48AM EST0

MIKEEVOLVO, I'm sorry it works everytime I look at it and this system does not have that file format capablities. You can go to Facebook if you have an account and like my page www.facebook.com/MonolithComics. If you use a cell phone it will have clicking noise in it on a cell phone. You will be able to view it there. I will look into it. I can alway see it when I log into my site with my computer. I will have to ask other people if they can see it. What are you using view my website a cell phone? I can't even view it on my cell phone the file is too big you have to use a computer. You can also go to www.amazon.com select category (Books) put in my full name Theodore Raymond Riddle and when you scroll to the bottom of any of my books in print you can view it there. Sorry for any inconvience. If you use a cell phone you will not be able to see it there either. I will definitely look into it. When this AMA goes live on Feb. 2, 2018 check back to me with my responce to find out what you are using to view these pages. Today is Jan. 19 2018. Thanks, Theodore Riddle

Jan 19, 2:49PM EST0

MIKEEVOLVO, Since this last entry. I've check my website and the video works on any computer. The problem is you are using you cell to view the video and the file is way to big for the cell phone to handle. You will have to use a computer. KIndest regards, Theodore Riddle

Jan 29, 7:57AM EST0

For twenty years of experience, how did you start out in this career?

Jan 19, 7:00AM EST0

MOISSONA, for the answer to that same question look at the question that EDPAL asked. The answer is there. Thanks so much for being here and have a great day. Kindest regards, Theodore Riddle

Jan 19, 2:04PM EST0

To come up with a graphic novel, does one need to do a storyline first and then draw everything or one can come up with anything along the way?

Jan 19, 2:29AM EST0

MOSES, it is my belief to plan it all out first. By writing it, then laying it out,  penciling, inking and adding color if you can. The reason for this is so you don't make any mistakes in your story. That everything you are doing makes sence. Plus when I'm telling a story besides it being adventure story I am usually trying to make a point about something and send a message to people. It is very hard to do that if you don't plan it out from beginning to end. When I came up with the Compu-M.E.C.H. concept. I had something I wanted to say besides just drawing graphic novels. I had ideas and statements I wanted to exspess. I created an entire universe before I even started the series in my head and I already know how it's going to end. That's over 100 issues. I may not even live long enough to tell the whole story. But I've figured out a way to make my point. Also to make a create a believable story no matter how imaginitive it is. People will have certain human reactions and emotions in that story that would happen in any circumstance in real life. If your story doesn't meet those criteria people won't be able to relate to it. If you are confused about how to go about this I have attached some samples of the process that I use to do this. 

This is a sample script that I wrote:

 Here are some Thumbnail Layouts I've done for a recent story I'm working on with scripting but have not published yet:

© Theodore Riddle 2018

© Theodore Riddle 2018

These are the finished pages to those layouts:

© Theodore Riddle 2018

© Theodore Riddle 2018

© and TM Theodore Riddle 2018

© Theodore Riddle 2018

© Theodore Riddle 2018

 I hope you find this helpful and best of luck. Regards, Thedore Riddle

Jan 20, 7:00PM EST0