Sidney Wood

Multi-genre indieauthor from Alaska


Multi-genre indieauthor from Alaska

Glad to meet you! About 3 years ago I discovered this lovely thing called writing. As a reader, I was surprised to find that writing my own stories was as fulfilling, if not more than, reading a story authored by someone else. I'm still learning as I go, but with four novels published and another in the editing phase, I have enough knowledge of the industry and the process to offer insight to those just starting out. Drop by my website for more info!


Fairly gifted cup flipperfirearms instructorcontrol tactics instructordemolitionstechnical writingbentwood ringsother stuff
  • 20 years military

  • Army and Marines

  • engineer officer

  • heavy equipment operator

  • helicopter mechanic

  • multi-discipline trainer/instructor/facilitator

  • BSBA

  • Engineer Officer training

  • Senior NCO training