Andy Briggs

Author, screenwriter and producer


Author, screenwriter and producer

On Twiter: @abriggswriter. Andy is a screenwriter, graphic novelist, author and conservationist – writing on movie projects such as “JUDGE DREDD” and “FREDDY VS JASON” and “FOREVERMAN” for Paramount Pictures, Spiderman creator Stan Lee and legendary producer Robert Evans. He has worked on TV projects for SyfyNetflix, ITV and Amazon and is working extensively between the UK, US and China.

Andy went on to work on Warner Bros.’ animated “AQUAMAN” – while at the same time landing an eight-book deal with Oxford University Press for “HERO.COM” and “VILLAIN.NET”. His comics and graphic novels include MADISON DARKRITUAL and DINOCORPS

He has rebooted the classic character TARZAN, with a series of contemporary books TARZAN: THE GREYSTOKE LEGACYTARZAN: THE JUNGLE WARRIOR and TARZAN: THE SAVAGE LANDS.  His latest series of middle grade novels – THE INVENTORY – is published by Scholastic.

He wrote and Executively Produced the UK/Chinese movie – LEGENDARY – starring Scott Adkins and Dolph Lungdren. In 2017 his latest movie, CROWHURST (directed by Simon Rumley, Dist. Studio Canal), will be release in Autum.  SUPERVIZED (directed by Steve Barron, starring Tom Berenger, Beau Bridges wrapped this summer) and WAR WOLF (directed by Simon West) will enter production later this year.